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Idaho State Police Forensic Services wins award for efficiency for second time

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The following is a news release from the Idaho State Police:

BOISE — The Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS) has been awarded the Foresight Maximus Award which is presented by The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD).

Based on Foresight business metrics, the Foresight Maximus Award recognizes 15 laboratories that operated at 90% or greater peak efficiency during the 2022 operational year. ISPFS is a two-time recipient of the global award.

“Today, we proudly recognize the ISPFS for their remarkable achievement and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice. Dedication, expertise, and exceptional efficiency metrics have established our lab system as one of the top 15 lab systems in the world,” said Colonel Kedrick Wills of the Idaho State Police.

“ISPFS’ technical proficiency and dedication to the criminal justice system through analyzing evidence, interpreting data, and providing critical insights significantly impact investigations, delivering justice, and bringing closure in countless cases. Truly, our lab system continues raising the bar in forensic science for the benefit of the people of Idaho.”

The Foresight program began in North America in 2007 with the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics (WVU) and the National Institute of Justice as a business-guided, self-evaluation of forensic science laboratories. It has since expanded and now includes forensic laboratories from around the world.

WVU and Florida International University’s faculty provide assistance, guidance, and analysis as they standardize definitions for metrics to evaluate work processes and link financial information to work tasks and functions. As the program grows, it has led to publications, laboratory efficiency improvements, and supplementary program funding. Due to its success and expansions, ASCLD began recognizing high-performing laboratories.

“ISPFS strives to be among the world’s most elite and efficient laboratories. Our vision is to be a leader in unbiased science, transparency, and accountability to our customers and stakeholders. Our commitment to the citizens of Idaho is to be the best at forensic science analysis and use our resources efficiently and responsibly.

By providing financial and productivity data to a world-class business school such as WVU to evaluate our efficiency, we can assure Idaho taxpayers that the resources they dedicate to forensic services are well invested. We are extremely pleased to be awarded the Foresight Maximus Award for the second time in the last three years,” said Matthew Gamette, ISP Laboratory System Director.