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Melaleuca Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot sets indoor rowing world record in livestream event

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Frank VanderSloot set an indoor rowing world record during an event livestreamed from Melaleuca Global Headquarters in Idaho Falls on Monday. | Courtesy Melaleuca

IDAHO FALLS — Businessman Frank VanderSloot celebrated his 75th birthday Monday by setting an indoor rowing world record.

The Melaleuca executive chairman rowed 100 meters in 14.8 seconds on the Concept 2 rowing machine – beating the previous world record of 16.4 seconds in his age category of 75 to 80 years old. VanderSloot’s wife, kids, grandkids and hundreds of Melaleuca employees cheered him on in the Melaleuca Fitness Center as others around the world watched a livestream of the event.

“I feel great about it,” VanderSloot told after he broke the record. “I’m not an athlete. I’ve never been an athlete. I work out a little bit a couple times a week but have never been able to compete on a national scale. The Peak Performance Pack is helping me stay younger longer, and now I’m stronger than some of the world athletes. The only reason that would be the case is because of our nutrition packs.”

The Peak Performance Pack includes vitamins and nutrition supplements sold by Melaleuca. VanderSloot says he wanted to prove to the world they are effective by breaking the rowing record.

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Frank VanderSloot celebrates with his son and Melaleuca executives after beating an indoor rowing world record. | Courtesy Melaleuca

Five years ago, on VanderSloot’s 70th birthday, he promised to resign as CEO if he did not set the indoor rowing world record in the age 70 to 74 category. He succeeded by rowing 14.4 seconds and beating the previous record of 15.3 seconds.

“I feel healthy. I feel strong. When people find out about the nutrition we have, that makes a big difference,” VanderSloot said Monday. “I feel really, really blessed, and it doesn’t do any good to have the best products in the world unless you let people know about it. I feel grateful I was able to do that today.”

Watch our interview with VanderSloot in the video player above. You can watch him set the record in the video player here: