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Johnson & Johnson is replacing its iconic logo

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New York (CNN) — Johnson & Johnson is replacing its instantly recognizable logo that’s been in use for 135 years.

Gone is the cursive, which was based off the handwritten signature of company co-founder James Wood Johnson, and in its place is the name written in modernized font as the newly spun-off company focuses on medical devices and medications.

In a release, the company said that the new logo “delivers both a sense of unexpectedness and humanity” with the ampersand demonstrating “a caring, human nature.” Red, however, will remain a key color for the company because it’s a “contemporary color that speaks to the ability to urgently respond to health challenges, evolve with the times and set the pace,” it said.

Although it’s a big change, shoppers likely won’t notice it since the cursive logo will still be used on its consumer products, like Band-Aid and Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson recently split into two companies — one focused on medical devices and medications and the other on consumer health products, which operates under a brand called Kenvue.

The name Kenvue reflects J&J’s desire for the new consumer company identity to take a backseat to well-known brands. This is a similar strategy to other consumer product conglomerates such as Unilever, the owner of Dove and Hellmann’s, and Procter & Gamble, which owns Bounty and Charmin. Kenvue began trading as an independent company a few weeks ago.

Still, ditching the signature J&J logo marks an end of era since the company once stated that its “one of the longest-used company emblems in the world.” The new logo will roll out over time on J&J’s medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.