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Want to win $1,000?

Local studio offering $1,000 to winner of Halloween short film contest. How you can participate

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IDAHO FALLS — A film and photography studio is holding their first ever Halloween Short Film Contest.

Film Garage 208 opened in December 2022, and will be holding the contest as a way to showcase amateur filmmakers. The competition will accept submissions from October 1 to 25 and participants with the winning short film will win $1,000.

“It’s just to give it a shot and to try to get people out of their shell and doing something they might have not normally done,” said Daniel Guthmiller, Co-owner of Film Garage 208.

Depending on the submissions they receive, Daniel and his wife, Sarah, would like to hold a premiere of the top 15 submissions at the Paramount Theater.

They’re waiting to see how things go before working out those details.

“(We) really just would love to make this thing as big as possible,” Guthmiller said.

The videos are required to be four minutes or less and will be submitted via Youtube.

Guthmiller recommends that once people have an idea, they write a script first before they begin filming.

“It makes everything much easier because then you know what to film and what you need to say,” Guthmiller said.

Once you have a script, then filmmakers know how many people they need as cast and crew.

“That’s where you just start pulling in friends and family and just get them excited about your idea. If you pitch an idea and get real excited about it, people are always on board to participate,” Guthmiller said.

When the time comes to edit what’s been filmed, Guthmiller said it’s good to use professional editing software, but, “there is definitely hundreds of free options out there that people could use to chop up their video.”

At that point, people can add sound effects, do finishing touches and submit.

“At the end of the day, it’s all just for fun and no harm, no foul if it’s not the best thing in the world,” Guthmiller said.

The contest is open to anyone. Specific details and guidelines will be released after midnight on Oct. 1. Additional information can be found on their website.


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