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Calling all young Idaho filmmakers: Eco Film Contest is looking for entries about climate solutions

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POCATELLO — Young filmmakers in Idaho have the chance to shine a light on solutions to climate change.

The Rotary District 5400 Environmental Stewardship Action Team is sponsoring the Youth Eco Film Contest, where filmmakers between the ages of 14 to 19 can make a short film that highlights a climate solution. The deadline to register for the contest is February 29.

“This is an exciting opportunity for creative young people who want to make a difference,” said Linda Engle, chairperson of the committee. “The contest allows students to highlight a climate challenge and the people who are working toward solutions.”

Engle said the goal of this competition is to highlight existing solutions already being done to help the climate.

“We have the solutions to solve climate change already,” Engle said.

The committee wants these films to promote action, and go against the hopelessness that is so common in discourse about the climate.

“We wanted to show things that are already being done, maybe in a small way, and that could be expanded to other places,” said Janet Worthington, a member of the committee.

Teenagers who submit a film can go about highlighting their chosen climate solution, whether that’s through a narrative story or a documentary, in whatever way they can imagine.

“We’re looking at something that’s going to be creative, that’s gonna capture the audience attention, that’s going to move them to want to get involved in helping to save the planet,” Worthington said.

While the date to register is coming up soon, filmmakers have until March 24 to submit their short films.

There will be awards for first, second and third place as well as prize money. The first place entry will receive $1,000, second will receive $750 and third will get $500. There will also be two runners up awarded.

These five short films will be shown at the Environmental Fair at Lookout Point on April 27. The films will be played on a loop in the Marshall Public Library right across the street.

The films will also be screened at the Rotary District 5400 annual conference, on April 26 and April 27. Engle said that they also hope to show the films at the reel theater, before the movie starts.

These short films are expected to be between three to four minutes. Students should find solutions that are fact-based and do research on the topic.

“We want it to be down to earth and compelling,” Engle said. “Find out what are the solutions that are happening here and now because we do have what’s needed in order to solve this problem.”

Young filmmakers who live outside of the Rotary District 5400 boundary aren’t eligible for entry into the competition. The boundary encompases all of Southern Idaho and up to McCall and Salmon. It also includes several miles of Eastern Oregon.

Filmmakers can register online and find a list of topics that they could possibly choose.

“There’s a whole list of interesting and possible topics but it’s certainly not restricted to those topics,” Engle said.