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Local seniors enter the world of slithering serpents

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REXBURG (Homestead Senior Living) — In an exciting and unique outing, residents of The Homestead Senior Living ventured into the world of slithering serpents as they visited a local snake farm. The excursion provided a thrilling experience for the residents, allowing them to connect with nature and learn about the captivating world of these scaly creatures.

Residents marveled at the diverse collection of snakes, including pythons, boas, and venomous species. The owner, Rob, shared interesting facts about each species, dispelling myths and fostering a greater understanding of the crucial role these creatures play in the ecosystem.

The residents were genuinely fascinated by the beautiful creatures, with the snakes winning over even those who were hesitant to go to the farm. Many of them had never been so close to these incredible creatures, and it was fun to see their curiosity and excitement.

Residents were allowed to pet and hold some of the snakes. They were also shown a demonstration on how Rob collects venom from the snakes to make life saving antidotes.

“I never thought I’d be so comfortable holding a snake! It’s amazing how these creatures have their own beauty,” remarked a resident from The Homestead.

As the activity came to a close, the residents returned to The Homestead Senior Living with smiles on their faces, and a newfound appreciation for the diverse world of snakes.

The Homestead would like to give a special thanks to Rob for allowing our residents to come out to his farm, and we appreciate the good work he is doing to help keep us all safe.