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Two people arrested after two-hour standoff with Idaho Falls Police

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IDAHO FALLS — Two people are in custody after barricading themselves in an Idaho Falls home for about two hours early Sunday morning.

Idaho Falls Police officers were in the area of K Street and Canal Avenue Saturday night, searching for Robert Flores, 45, of Idaho Falls, according to a news release from the Idaho Falls Police Department. A felony arrest warrant was signed for his arrest on Thursday for witness intimidation, stalking and two counts of violating a no-contact order.

Police were watching a residence associated with Flores when they saw him briefly exit the home before going back inside.

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The officers reportedly tried to contact Flores and another person inside the residence — Ashley Kelly, 44, of Idaho Falls — stating that Flores was under arrest and needed to come out.

“Officers attempted calling Flores and Kelly on the phone, yelling through the door and utilizing a PA system,” officials said in the news release. “Kelly answered the phone once around 12:45 a.m. but hung up. Flores and Kelly did not answer again or respond in any other way.”

After getting a search warrant to enter the residence, the Idaho Falls Police Department activated the SWAT Team.

Out of an abundance of caution, law enforcement evacuated residents in adjoining apartments.

“An AlertSense message was sent to people in the immediate area, advising that police were in the area dealing with a barricaded subject and directing them to shelter in place,” officials said.

The SWAT team again attempted to make contact with Flores and Kelly, utilizing a PA system to direct them to come out. The SWAT Team used a flash-bang, as well.

Around 3 a.m., Kelly came out of the residence and was detained by police, according to the news release.

“Officers again made announcements instructing Flores to exit for several minutes without success,” officials said.

The SWAT Team used CS gas (tear gas) to get Flores to exit the residence, which he did a short time later.

Flores was arrested for resisting and obstructing in addition to his outstanding felony warrant for witness intimidation, felony stalking and two counts of violating a no-contact order.

Kelly was arrested for resisting and obstructing, aiding and abetting (a felony) and harboring a fugitive.

Both were taken to the Bonneville County Jail.

The Chaplains of Idaho responded to assist residents temporarily displaced by the incident.

Although Flores and Kelly have been accused of these crimes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they committed them. Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.