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Poky high sophomore loves teaching kids to ski

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This article first appeared on EastIdahoNews.com on April 23, 2023. It is published here as an Elevating Teens Encore.

INKOM — Lucy Kmetz is a sophomore at Pocatello High School. When she isn’t at school, Kmetz is a ski instructor at the Pebble Creek Ski Area in Inkom.

Kmetz began her work as a ski instructor in the eighth grade and just finished her third season working at Pebble Creek, she told EastIdahoNews.com.

“I’ve been skiing since I was three,” she said. “I grew up on this mountain. … I love skiing, so it’s nice to get to pass that skill on to others.”

Asked what she enjoys most about her job as a ski instructor, Kmetz called it “rewarding,” adding that she especially likes coaching young children.

“Watching people discover for themselves how much of a fun sport this is,” she said. “Little kids will be so excited, they’ll come up to me and be like, ‘I haven’t fallen over once this whole run.’ And I’m like, ‘high-five, buddy, that’s so great.’ It’s their excitement, and their joy that I get to see and know I played a small part in it.”

But skiing isn’t her only fascination. Kmetz is also part of an environmental club at Poky high and is preparing for an environmental competition this month.

Her plan after graduation is to combine her two loves and pursue a degree and career in environmentalism — though, as a sophomore, she is not certain which route she will take.

Right now, Kmetz is fascinated by the idea of working as an environmental journalist — capturing and sharing the stories of the earth and those who work to protect it.

She also knows that she wants to study abroad — somewhere like Sweden or Finland — where she can use her many certifications as a ski instructor to explore new mountains and instruct new folks.

“I want to go to college abroad. I haven’t really looked into the logistics of that, but that’s what I’m aiming for,” she said. “I might as well go where the snow is.”

Asked what her No. 1 piece of advice for someone skiing for the first time, Kmetz said:

“You’re going to fall over, it’s OK. It doesn’t hurt, you will be fine. It’s super-fun, and I think anybody can pick up on it if they really try.”