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It will be a cool and wet week in eastern Idaho

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IDAHO FALLS — Rain and snow showers will continue throughout the day on Monday, and it’s expected to be a cool and wet week.

Overall, the snow amounts on Monday will be under one inch in valleys and under two inches in the mountains of eastern Idaho, according to the National Weather Service in Pocatello.

“This coming weekend, looks to be a potential for some moderate rainfall. It will be a fairly warm storm. We are looking at temperatures — the highs — in the 50s for the lower elevations,” said Jack Messick, a meteorologist with NWS. “It will be a rain event for the end of March.”

Check the graphic below to see the temperatures for the week.


Messick said with warmer temperatures comes snowmelt, which people need to watch for.

“If you are expecting to head out to fish on the Snake River or do anything on any of the rivers, just expect there’s a potential of high fast flows, and especially if you have kids, you should be keeping them away from the river bank,” Messick said.

He told the higher risks for flooding would be in the Wood River area and the Portneuf area.

As for the driest day of this week, it’s expected to be on Wednesday.

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