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Rexburg restaurant offers fresh daily soups, sourdough bread and tasty cookies

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Loaded baked potato soup, creamy tomato basil with tortellini, sourdough bread and a cowboy cookie from Teton Sourdough Co. in Rexburg. | Andrea Olson,

REXBURG — A local business offers a variety of fresh daily soups, sourdough bread, and tasty cookies made out of sourdough discard.

Teton Sourdough Co. in Rexburg, located at 52 College Avenue, is owned by Greg Jensen and his wife Heather.

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One of the most popular soups is the creamy tomato basil with tortellini in it. It’s topped with parmesan cheese and is a staple at the business.

“We try to be all organic,” Greg Jensen said. “One of the things we try to do here with our soups and our breads is we try to be very local. A lot of our produce that we use is grown locally here in Rexburg from the carrots to the tomatoes, to the onions and the garlic.”

Another popular item on the menu is the loaded baked potato soup.

“Whenever we have it, it sells out the fastest,” Jensen said. “It’s potatoes, cheese, and cream. It’s a very creamy soup topped with bacon and chives. We try to make it feel like you are eating a baked potato in a bowl of soup.”

Jensen said there are typically four to five soups offered every day and there’s a rotation of soups.

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“One of our things that we try to do every week is we do Chowder Fridays. So we will do different variations of seafood chowders,” Jensen said.

He told that one of the best things offered at Teton Sourdough Co. is the bread. It’s often paired with the soups.

Some of the sourdough bread. | Andrea Olson,

“The sourdough bread is amazing. That’s one of the things my wife really has a skill for. It’s not too sour,” Jensen said. “It’s more along the lines of a European sourdough versus a San Francisco sourdough. San Francisco sourdoughs are a lot more tangy.”

Jensen said there’s a plain white sourdough, a jalapeño cheddar, a white chocolate cranberry, oatmeal herb, and cinnamon bread.

And if you have a sweet tooth, the business has got you covered. There are cookies, including Snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, sugar, and even cowboy cookies.

The cowboy cookies made with sourdough discard. | Andrea Olson,

“The cowboy cookie … it’s a chocolate chip cookie base with some oatmeal and coconut mixed into it. All the cookies have sourdough discard. You can’t taste the sourdough. It just tastes like a really good cookie,” Jensen said.

There are cinnamon rolls, too.

“They are usually once a week. They are going to be on Saturdays for our cinnamon rolls,” Jensen said.

He added that there are benefits to sourdough.

“What got my wife into sourdough is there’s a lot of health benefits to sourdough versus regular bread. We try to follow the same philosophy with our soups. We want to be organic as much as we can, all-natural, and try to use local produce around here,” he said.

The business is open 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

The outside of Teton Sourdough Co. in Rexburg. | Andrea Olson,

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