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Teenager who planned dance for kids with special needs is honored with Emmy’s Award

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There are a lot of cool kids doing cool things in eastern Idaho and I’m partnering with Timberline Home to honor them.

Twice a month, I’ll be sharing the stories of local kids who are making a difference and honoring them with Emmy’s Award!

Our first recipient is Rae Hermansen. She attends Thunder Ridge High School and we heard about something special she did for kids who have special needs.

An email sent to EastIdahoNews.com says:

My son is 16 years old, attends Thunder Ridge High School, and is on the Autism Spectrum. A very special young lady named Rae Hermansen, who is a senior at Thunder Ridge, chose to do a very meaningful and touching senior project. She put together a dance for all of the special needs teens who attend Thunder Rigde. It was complete with a date for each attendee, boutonnières or corsages for each, a Hollywood style red carpet for them as they came in with applause, an awards ceremony, popcorn, and dancing.

The smiles on each of their faces was magical. The experience this thoughtful young woman and her friends gave these teenagers means more than she or they may ever know. As a mother of one of these kids, it truly brought tears to my eyes to watch, and I was not the only one. This is what I call one of the true blessings that come along with being a parent to one of these truly special kids. It is never known to me how or where it will come from, but when it does it surpasses all the much harder moments or challenges.

Rae and her friends who took the time to show their classmates a great time. I am so appreciative and proud of each and everyone of these young people. Thank You so much for touching the lives and hearts of these kids and their parents. You are a true blessing. Also thank you to the school principal and teachers for allowing Rae to complete this project.

We visited Rae at school and surprised her with Emmy’s Award! Check it out in the video player above.

If you know a cool kid who deserves an Emmy’s Award, email emmy@eastidahonews.com and tell us about them!