You have to see this! Officers responding to "noise complaint" at house party end up dancing with partygoers - East Idaho News
You Have To See This!

You have to see this! Officers responding to “noise complaint” at house party end up dancing with partygoers

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Two officers with the Tukwila Police Department dance at a house party. | Courtesy Tukwila Police Department and Grupo ExcluiDO

BUST A MOVE — A video of two police officers responding to a “noise complaint” recently went viral after the call ended differently that expected.

Officer Anderson and Officer Hayes of the Tukwila Police Department in Tukwila, Washington, were responding to a noise complaint at a house party, the Tukwila Police Department explained on Facebook on March 5.

“Upon arrival, they found everyone having a good time at a large family gathering,” the police department wrote. “Abuela and the partygoers asked the officers for just one more song before shutting things down to which they obliged and joined in for one last dance.”

The video, which has over 2 million views on TikTok, shows one of the officers wearing a cowboy hat dancing in the middle of the crowd with a woman. The two are seen twirling each other around while dancing to the live music.

The other officer also shows off his dance moves as those in attendance kept their phones held high to record the memorable moment.

“Both officers are newer to our department and have wasted no time jumping or in this case ‘dancing’ into community engagement every chance they get,” the department said on Facebook.