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You Have To See This!

You have to see this! State trooper moves massive hay bale off the road by himself

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A Missouri State Trooper went viral after dashcam footage caught him moving a hay bale off the road. | Courtesy Missouri State Highway Patrol Facebook

BEAST MODE — If you’re not part of the almost 2 million people who’ve already watched the viral video of a highway trooper moving a hay bale off a road, then, you have to see this!

The Missouri State Highway Patrol shared dashcam footage last week of Trooper Isaiah Lemasters’ mighty move. The video has 1.7 million views on Facebook and people around the world have left comments such as “outstanding!” and “very impressive!”

In the video, Lemasters is seen walking over to a massive hay bale that’s randomly sitting in the road and in an effort to move it, gives it a little push. Nothing happens. He pushes into it a little more with his shoulder, but still, the hay bale doesn’t budge.

Large-round hay bales weigh anywhere from 1,270 to 1,700 pounds, according to agriculture experts.

Lemasters then grabs the bottom of the hay bale with one hand and uses his legs to lift the hay bale. He then pushes it over onto its side and off the road.

“Anyone missing a round bale?” Missouri State Highway Patrol wrote on the video’s caption. “Trooper Isaiah ‘Never Miss Leg Day’ Lemasters was able to move this traffic hazard off the roadway for you. All in a days work!”

After removing the hay bale — which took less than one minute — camera footage shows Lemasters walk casually back to his patrol vehicle while brushing hay off his uniform. What a guy!