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Despite a change in location, Butterburr’s stays close to its roots

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Logan Ramsey,

POCATELLO — A long-established restaurant is serving the same food in a new location.

Butterburr’s, a restaurant that’s been open in Pocatello for more than four decades, moved to a new building about a year and half ago. The manager said that although this took some time to adjust, the move has been a “blessing” for the restaurant.

“We have the same owners, same managers, same food, same servers, same cooks. Honestly, the only thing that’s changed is our location,” said manager Jessica Baker.

Although the restaurant’s second location, Butterburr’s Lickety Split, has stayed in the same place, the main restaurant moved to 160 West Cedar Street just off of Yellowstone Avenue. This new building offered more space, and the owners were able to buy it while they had a lease on the original building.

This building was where Kelly and Sheryl Talbot opened the restaurant in 1980. (Kelly, a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” took inspiration for the name from a character in the book.)

“It was definitely a big move, and it was a hard decision initially,” Baker said.

Moving all of the restaurant’s operations proved to be a logistical challenge, almost like “opening a brand new restaurant,” but Butterburr’s was able to get settled in the new building. And customers can still find the same quality food they always did at the old building, Baker said.

Butterburrs Chicken Fried Steak
Logan Ramsey,

One of its most popular items is the chicken fried steak. Customers choose what kind of gravy they want and how they want their eggs.

“It’s not a complicated process. You just whip up some hashbrowns and some eggs,” Baker said. “It’s something we have in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

chicken salad
Logan Ramsey,

Another popular item is the spicy chicken salad. This dish, containing lettuce, chicken, green peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, eggs and a pickle spear, offers a spicy taste as well as a sweet one.

“It isn’t so spicy that it’s too hot to handle, but it’s got a very sweet, spicy flavor to it,” Baker said.

bacon burger
Logan Ramsey,

A dish that you won’t want to let get cold on your plate is the Ultimate Bacon Burger. Customers can get it on a brioche or homemade bun and taste cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion with a side of french fries.

“I love that hearty bacon sitting on there. It’s not flimsy bacon. It’s good, hearty bacon,” Baker said.

Baker said that they want their customers to come into their restaurant, enjoy the food and have a “cozy” experience.

“I like nothing more than the customers that come in and enjoy their experience and feel like they’re in our cozy, warm, happy atmosphere,” Baker said.

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