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Kids who raised money for students at another school are surprised with Emmy’s Award

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There are a lot of cool kids doing cool things in eastern Idaho and I’m partnering with Timberline Home to honor them.

Twice a month, I’ll be sharing the stories of local kids who are making a difference and honoring them with Emmy’s Award!

We recently received the following email about a group of kids who wanted to help students from another school:

Dear Emmy,

We have ten 6th grade student council members at Westside Elementary School that have gone above and beyond trying to help our school be a better place. These kids put together a fundraiser to raise money to give to the Bikers Against Bullies Organization. They wanted to buy another school a Buddy Bench. Bikers Against Bullies presented Westside with our own school bench at an assembly last month. At that time, our wonderful kids presented them with a check for over $1,100 to pay it forward! Bikers Against Bullies Association will then pay it forward to Longfellow Elementary by purchasing a Buddy Bench with the money that was raised. If you are not familiar with Buddy Benches, they are a wonderful tool for kids who may feel left out on the playground. The idea behind it is, if you don’t have anyone to play with, but would like to, then you can sit on the bench and someone on the playground will notice and invite you to play. These kids have worked tirelessly all year to come up with ideas to benefit other children in our school and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

These students are deserving of Emmy’s Award so I visited them recently to thank them for what they’ve done! Check out the surprise in the video player above.