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PHOTO GALLERY | Northern lights create dazzling spectacle in the eastern Idaho sky

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Many across eastern Idaho had a chance to catch a glimpse of the northern lights on Friday night and early Saturday morning thanks to rare solar flares disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center issued a Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch for Friday evening. The agency hasn’t issued a similar watch since January 2005.

Here is a gallery of photos taken of the Northern lights by users. You can see hundreds of other submitted photos here.

20240511 001404
Jake Lewis, Osgood

20240511 000159
Jake Lewis, Osgood

20240511 005153
Matt Hill

Julie Nickel, Rigby

Julie Nickel, Rigby

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Julie Kimura Brizzee, Idaho Falls

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Brandon griffin, Idaho Falls

Linda Simon
Linda Simon, Idaho Falls

441971080 2666744086834800 738355866689562077 n
Lynn Steele, Pingree

441866474 1678367232974112 1974900892441257157 n
Berenice Arce, American Falls

436233071 10220193021334302 4124322326077854453 n
Camille Rutt Mack, Idaho Falls

436260293 10168763912915164 2508088418252605546 n
Lindsey Welch, Rexburg

436334894 10229808219087053 4593291036565253236 n
Jenni Rhodes, Lower Mesa Falls

442407667 10222054287458532 4984848509775698117 n
Nikki Warner Shortman, Blackfoot

441552428 7926562697374641 3577997314207527089 n
Lupe Ortiz, Firth

436267940 10161930960401654 6873595402995251003 n
Kaatia Larsen, North of Rexburg

441455275 10210844622069153 5198947728692920789 n
Kayla Lynn Davies, St. Anthony

436209838 10104701953047134 3183800422508523275 n
Karlee JW, Rigby