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You Have To See This!

You have to see this! Utah school resource officer gets tased in front of students

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A school resource officer in Utah got tased on purpose after the students met their goal of getting below 100 average daily tardies. | Courtesy St. George Police Department Facebook

FACING THE TASER — Video of a Utah police officer recently getting tased was shared on social media, and the message behind the video has gotten people’s attention.

The video was shared in June on the St. George Police Department’s Facebook page. It shows Officer C. Layton, the school resource officer for Snow Canyon Middle School in St. George, Utah, getting tased in front of students at an assembly.

Layton wanted to find a way to get kids motivated to get to class on time, so they ran a report at the end of the third quarter to find the average daily tardies.

“At the third quarter assembly, Officer Layton said if they could get their tardies below 100 average daily tardies, he would get tased,” the Facebook post reads. “They ended up with 85 on average.”

“Who’s ready!?” the officer who tases Layton yells to the students in the video.

The students then count down from three as Layton, who has two officers holding on to him, gets tased. He is helped down onto a padded mat by the officers as he lets out a scream.

As soon as the tasing is over, the crowd quickly begins cheering for Layton and chanting his name throughout the gym.

“That’s one dedicated school resource officer!” the Facebook post says. “Way to go kids on lowering those tardies.”