Third East Idaho Call Center Closes; Blames Obama


7  Updated at 10:44 am, November 14th, 2012 By: Managing Editor
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call center closes blames obama

Promark Research Corporation is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas.

AMMON – An Ammon call center is closing its doors, joining two others who closed down or laid off dozens of employees in the last week.

Promark Research announced the closure Tuesday. An attorney for the Texas-based company claims the layoffs are the result of President Barack Obama’s reelection.

KIDK reports most of the call center’s efforts were focused on collecting polling data for the Romney campaign, and officials hoped a win for Romney would extend their contracts.

The call center’s lease expires at the end of the year.

The center joins a long list of businesses across the nation blaming President Obama’s re-election as the reason for massive layoffs. Murray Energy announced the lay off of 156 employees; Papa John’s Pizza CEO announced he may reduce employee’s hours so they do not have to be covered on “Obamacare;” and West Cinema in Georgia is closing down because the owners are anticipating higher taxes and insurance regulations.

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Robert Patten, columnist


  • Kurtis D. Leatham says:

    Sure blame the President… Maybe you should have expanded your customer base so it wasn’t dependent on just one thing! A bad business decision on your part is not the fault of any one man residing in the White House.

    • Mountain Flyer says:

      Kurtis, you are clueless. That “one man” and his appointees are changing this country, and not for the better. His re-election will knock this economy to it’s knees. Had Romney been elected, we’d be HIRING people.

  • Henry Hawk says:

    people were warned if Obama was re-elected that there was going to be consequences. Nothing is free and Obama’s parasites that expected a free ride and about to learn the hard way.

  • John Green says:

    Most layoffs in 18 months last week. Even more announced this week.

  • michael d lockheart says:

    its called republican ignorance,you are absolutly right kurtis d leatham,it was a bad gamble on there part,and its a damn shame a business would layoff or reduce hours just so they can be excluded from obamacare and not cover there employees…thats just how greedy the red party is and i hope they all flop and file bankruptcy,,,,this is america and seeing to it that our people are insured should be a priority………GOD BLESS THE USA

  • william says:

    ive worked theyre since they started we did have different clients however plus over a hundred ppl working there. the only way we got paid was because of politics its nationwide

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