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Mom of Accused Teen Cyber Bully Arrested on Child Abuse Charges

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101813 FacebookBullyMomVivianVosburgMugshot?  SQUARESPACE CACHEVERSION=1382133746957POLK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE(LAKELAND, Fla.) — The mother of a teen accused of bullying a girl until she committed suicide was arrested Friday on suspicion of child abuse.

Vivian Vosburg, 30, of Lakeland, Fla., is charged with two counts of child abuse with bodily harm, and four counts of child neglect, according to the office of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Vosburg is the mother of Guadalupe Shaw. Shaw, 14, and another girl who is 12 are charged with felony aggravated stalking for leading the digital torment against the 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick. Sedwick leaped to her death from a concrete silo Sept. 9.

Vosburg’s arrest is not believed to be in connection with the arrest of her daughter, but news of the daughter’s arrest prompted several people to alert the sheriff’s office to a video posted in July on Facebook in which the mother allegedly beats one of her children.

Polk County Sherriff spokeswoman Carrie Eleazer said the woman is accused of “beating children she had access to.”

Earlier this week, Vosburg denied to ABC News that her daughter could have bullied Sedwick.

“I would check her Facebook every time she would get on it,” she said Tuesday night.

Sheriff Judd said earlier this week that he was investigating Shaw’s parents and scoffed at the mother’s comment, saying Shaw’s parents were “in denial.”

“That’s baloney. Those parents haven’t cared from the very beginning,” Judd said Wednesday.

Judd said at the time he was investigating Shaw’s parents.

“When the parents don’t take care of the children and it becomes criminal conduct, then it becomes my responsibility, and my deputies and I know how to take control,” Judd said.


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