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Ebola Nurse Halloween Costumes Raise Temps, Ire

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HT sexy ebola costume jtm 141027 16x9 992?  SQUARESPACE CACHEVERSION=1414437151990Brands On Sale(NEW YORK) — The sexy cop and sexy Snow White costumes have new topical competition in the skimpy Halloween-wear section: Meet “Sexy Ebola Containment Suit.”

Online retailer BrandsOnSale, which bills itself as a “Unique Costume Shop and more,” unveiled the new ensemble, which features a short white dress, face shield, breathing mask, safety goggles and blue latex gloves at $59.99 per costume. A pair of bright yellow knee-high rubber boots can be purchased at an additional cost.

The Internet met the news of the costume with mixed responses.

“I’m in complete and utter disgust,” one Twitter user reacted, while another questioned the costume’s existence.

“The fact that there’s a sexy ebola nurse costume proves the sexy costumes have gone out of control,” another wrote.

Others found the gear humorous, writing “Ladies, you’ve still got time…”

But will anyone actually buy these outfits? Yes, if recent trends are any indication.

The National Retail Federation last month predicted that Americans will spend $2.8 billion on Halloween-wear this year, with $1.4 billion of that amount on adult costumes to outfit approximately 75 million grown-ups. Those numbers contribute to a record two-thirds of Americans buying costumes.

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