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Melaleuca unveils global headquarters

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Frank VanderSloot at Melaleuca global headquarters

IDAHO FALLS — Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot unveiled his company’s new global headquarters to members of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce and the media on Monday.

The 350,000 square-foot complex, located south of Idaho Falls, consolidates the majority of Melaleuca’s regional holdings into a single a 195-acre campus.

The building, VanderSloot said, is a symbol of Melaleuca’s enduring growth and the efforts of a talented team of individuals working together.

“The reason there has been such growth at Melaleuca is because our products are in high demand all over the world,” VanderSloot said. “We’ve been able to attract some of the best minds in both nutrition, skin and health care products and have been very fortunate.”

Melaleuca began some 30 years ago in a small renovated office building on Broadway. Since then the company has purchased and renovated a number of failing eastern Idaho buildings to accommodate corporate growth.

Today, the global enterprise is worth $1.2 billion.

The new global headquarters is the first structure built from-the-ground-up specifically to meet the company’s needs. It is also the first building in decades to house the majority of Melaleuca’s Idaho staff — now more than 1,700 people — under one roof.

Frank VanderSloot at Melaleuca global headquarters
Frank VanderSloot speaks to the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce at Melaleuca Global Headquarters.

“To put this (building) into perspective … 355,000 feet is (the equivalent) of six football fields inside this building,” VanderSloot said. “It has room to house every Melaleuca home office employee plus three times that many more. The building is also equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology on every conceivable front.”

Both the building and all its equipment are fully paid for, VanderSloot said. The CEO touted that company policy has always been to pay with cash as they grow and the global headquarters was no exception. The company saved for several years before construction began.

In addition to office space, the global headquarters also includes 38 conference rooms, three production and broadcast facilities, seven research and development laboratories, $120 million in computer hardware and software, a call center, fitness center, a 1,700 person events center and a restaurant.

During Monday night’s unveiling, members of the Chamber of Commerce were able to walk around and survey the structure. A significant portion of the four-floor structure’s interior is covered in custom woodwork. The center of the structure sports massive stone fireplaces.

Chamber Executive Director Michelle Holt called the structure impressive. Melaleuca, she said, is proof local businesses can find major success in eastern Idaho.

“This building is a symbol that Idaho Falls is a good place to do business,” Holt said. “When you see this kind of capital investment happening, it can’t help but send a message to the rest of the business community that you can be in Idaho Falls and be successful and grow.”