VIDEO: Family Friend at Campsite says Deorr Kunz “Just Disappeared”

DeOrr Kunz Jr.

IDAHO FALLS – The man camping with the family of Deorr Kunz Jr. said, as far as he knows, the toddler “just disappeared.”

Isaac Reinwand, 35, of Idaho Falls, was at the Timber Creek Campground on July 10 alongside Deorr’s parents Jessica Mitchell and Deorr Kunz Sr. and the toddler’s unnamed great-grandfather.

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman said Reinwand, along with Mitchell and Kunz, are “persons of interest” in this case because they were at the scene. However, at this time, no suspects have been named.

Reinwand hasn’t spoken publicly about Deorr’s disappearance until visited his home Monday morning.

“So he was just with you and the grandfather when he wandered away?” reporter Nate Eaton asked Reinwand on his front porch.

“Uh-huh,” Reinwand responded. “As far as I know he disappeared.”

Watch the rest of the conversation with Reinwand in the video player above.

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