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Funds being raised for owners of euthanized pony ‘Patches’

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RUPERT — Almost $2,500 has been raised for the owners of a shetland pony that was euthanized Sunday after being badly battered and beaten by unknown assailants.

“Patches” was found alive Sunday after being drug down a paved road in a vehicle the night before, Minidoka County Sheriff Eric Snarr said. His injuries were so severe he had to be put down.

Snarr said there are no current suspects for this act of animal cruelty.

Community members rallied around Patches’ owners Hugo Lopez and Daniela Rodriguez Lopez on social media Tuesday. Many people called the pony a valued member of the community, talked about stopping by often to feed him treats.

A Facebook group has been started called Justice for Patches R.I.P. Lopez also has started a GoFundMe account for those who want to donate to the investigation of the crime.

There is currently a $1,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the Minidoka County Sheriff’s Office by calling (208) 434-2320 or Crime Stoppers at 208-436-5353.