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Kunz attorney: ‘Klein should be sued for defamation’

DeOrr Kunz Jr.

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Allen Browning, the attorney representing (Vernal) DeOrr Kunz, issued the following statement Tuesday evening in reference to an interview private investigator Philip Klein conducted with

From the beginning I have recommended that DeOrr Kunz fire Philip Klein and tonight I recommend that DeOrr should file a defamation suit against Mr. Klein.

Klein has a professional obligation to keep his findings confidential and only share them with his clients. He has not done this. Furthermore, he refuses to meet with DeOrr if I am present.

I have informed Klein not to make public statements regarding this case and he has ignored my requests.

I’m outraged that, when no evidence has been brought forward in this case, that Klein continues to make outlandish claims. How would you like it if you hired a private investigator to find your son and when he can’t, he makes statements that you are a criminal and should be charged?