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DeOrr Kunz Jr.

Deorr Kunz disappearance: A timeline of events

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It’s been ten days since Idaho Falls toddler Deorr Kunz, Jr. was reported missing.

Investigators continue to search for the two-year-old in Leadore but so far no sign of the boy has been found. has created a timeline to detail the events of the past ten days.

Friday July 10

Deorr Kunz Jr, his father, mother, great-grandfather, and a family friend travel 120 miles from Idaho Falls to Timber Creek Campground in Leadore.

The campsite is remote and takes around two and a half hours to drive to from Idaho Falls.

At 2:28 p.m., Deorr’s mother, Jessica Mitchell, calls 911 and reports her son missing.

Search crews arrive and begin to look for the toddler.

Saturday July 11

Searchers look on horseback, ATVs, foot, and in water for Deorr. They focus on a two and a half mile radius around the campground.

One area of concern is a creek about 15 yards away from the campsite. The area is searched numerous times.

Sunday July 12

The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office reports nearly 200 volunteers show up to look for Deorr. His grandmother tells it appears the two-year-old “just vanished.”

Volunteer search efforts are suspended but deputies say trained professionals will continue to look for the boy.

Monday July 13

In their only interview, Deorr’s parents explain what happened the previous Friday afternoon.

They say they no longer believe he’s lost but think someone may have abducted their son and make a plea for his safe return.

That evening around 200 people gather in Idaho Falls for a candlelight vigil.

Tuesday and Wednesday July 14 & 15

Search efforts continue near the campground. Dive crews focus on the Stone Reservoir located about a quarter of a mile from where the family was camping.

Deorr’s parents remain camped near the site as deputies search the creek once again and determine Deorr is not there.

Thursday July 16

A representative from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children arrives in Leadore.

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn D. Bowerman posts an update on Facebook clarifying remarks on the search.

National media are now covering the story, including HLN’s The Nancy Grace show.

Friday July 17

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s dive team is called in to help search the reservoir. Divers use a sonar robot to assist in foggy waters.

Crews on horseback return to the hills near the campground.

Saturday July 18

It’s Deorr’s fathers birthday. He spends the day camped yards away from where his son disappeared.

Search efforts continue.

Sunday July 19

It’s been 10 days since Deorr was last seen.

The Timber Creek campground has been searched dozens of times.

Crews have scoured the Stone Reservoir and Creek.

Investigators release few new details and Deorr’s family remains desperate for answers. Up to this point, no evidence has been found to suggest where the two-year-old boy may be.