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EAST IDAHO ELECTS: 2 experienced deputies running for Madison County Sheriff

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This story is part of East Idaho Elects 2016, our series of interviews and forums with candidates in the May 17 primary race. Click here for complete extensive coverage.

REXBURG — Over the next few weeks, EastIdahoNews.com is hosting a series of forums featuring candidates running for local political office in East Idaho. The Idaho primary will be held May 17.

In Madison County, two experienced law enforcement deputies are running for sheriff to replace retiring Sheriff Roy Klingler.

Madison County Sheriff Captain Cameron Stanford has 20 years of experience working as a Ricks College police officer and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Teton County Sheriff Chief Deputy Rick Henry has 25 years of experience working for the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

Stanford and Henry sat down with EastIdahoNews.com reporter Nate Eaton. They were given 60 seconds to give an opening and closing statement and were asked the following questions:

  • 1. Describe your experience handling criminal investigations, testifying about investigations in court and managing officers and detectives who process major crime scenes.
  • 2. How will you prioritize your office spending and is there a way to be more open with the public on how that money is being spent?
  • 3. In the past, the sheriff’s office, police department, and Idaho State Police have sometimes had a rocky relationship. How will you promote cooperating between the different agencies?
  • 4. There’s been a nationwide focus on mental illness and dealing with individuals who might have psychological issues. In addition, thanks to Madison Cares, there’s been an increased focus on dealing with children who have special needs. As leader of the sheriff’s office, how will you train your deputies to deal with these individuals?
  • 5. One issue facing many law enforcement offices is a high turnover rate and burnout among officers. Do you see this as a concern in Madison County and what will you do as sheriff to prevent that and boost morale?

Watch the video above to see the entire forum, sponsored by Ray’s Chevron.

Click here to visit Cameron Stanford’s website and Facebook page.

Click here to visit Rick Henry’s website and Facebook page.


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