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Blackfoot Walmart parking lot open after explosives removed from vehicle

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Portions of the parking lot at the Blackfoot Walmart have been cordoned off with police tape. / Photos provided by Stephan Rockefeller & Leigh Decorde
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UPDATE (7:45 p.m.) — The bomb squad has removed explosive devices from a vehicle at the Blackfoot Walmart. Officers left the scene carrying the devices with lights and sirens engaged. Blackfoot Police Lt. Paul Newbold tells they are taking the explosives to a safe location where they can be x-rayed.

Officers searched the vehicle and found flammable materials (pictured below).

Officials have reopened the parking lot after officers searched the suspects car. The suspect is being held on a misdemeanor warrant. Bingham County prosecutors will review this incident tomorrow and decide if further charges should be filed. Stay with for updates.


UPDATE (6:00 p.m.) — The bomb squad has arrived on scene of the explosion situation at the Blackfoot Walmart. Officials have increased the area that is closed to the public and the front doors of Walmart have been locked to foot traffic. A robot is being prepared and is being used to search the vehicle.

BLACKFOOT — Police say “minor explosives” have been discovered in a vehicle at Walmart on 565 Jensen Grove Dr. and the bomb squad is on the way to the scene.


Blackfoot Police Lt. Paul Newbold tells the driver of the vehicle was pulled over at the Walmart parking lot. Narcotics were discovered inside his vehicle. A police K9 dog performed a search on the vehicle and detected explosives, according to Newbold.



A large portion of the parking lot has been cordoned off with yellow police tape. The suspect’s car is in the middle of the cleared area with doors open. Several items inside the car have been removed and are on the ground surrounding the vehicle.

Officials say the FBI is on scene and the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring the situation.



Witnesses say one person is in police custody and officers have asked customers to stay away from the area. has a reporter on the scene and we will update this story as we receive new details.