Transgender woman arrested for voyeurism at Ammon Target


198  Updated at 5:48 pm, July 12th, 2016 By: Stephan Rockefeller,
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Sean Patrick Smith


AMMON — An Idaho Falls man who police say identifies as transgender was arrested Tuesday afternoon after deputies say he took photos of a woman in a fitting room in Target.

Sean Patrick Smith, 46, who also goes by Shauna Patricia Smith, was booked into the Bonneville County Jail on one felony count of voyeurism.

Bonneville County Sgt. Bryan Lovell says deputies were called to a disturbance at Target on 25th East just after 5 p.m. Monday.

A woman told them a man, dressed in women’s clothing, had entered a fitting room in the women’s clothing section of the store. Deputies say the suspect was seen taking photos of a woman in a stall next to him while she was changing.

“The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness inside the store, who asked not to be named, tells “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.”

The suspect, later identified as Smith, left the store, and Lovell says detectives located him Tuesday afternoon.

Smith was booked into the Bonneville County Jail as a male, according to Lovell.

Lovell says detectives are investigating to see if there are other victims.

Smith is expected in court Wednesday.

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  • patriot6280 says:

    A male…lesbian perhaps?

  • Yolo SWEG says:

    Well was it a man or a woman?

  • paulwt says:

    Deport the creature to Washington or Oregon.

  • Alpine says:

    I have a friend who actually thought this wouldn’t happen.

  • John27 says:

    Everybody told Target that their tranny-in-the-bathroom-policy would have the perverts coming out of the woodwork, but they didn’t listen.

    • Linda Belcher says:

      And before Target’s bathroom policy this type of thing STILL HAPPENED ALL THE TIME, and it still does elsewhere. The only reason this is in the news is because it’s Target and someone claiming to be a trans woman.

      • GroundControl500 says:

        Yes but before women could get help getting them out of their space. Now we’re on our own.
        Since you seem to know it all, how is it you don’t know that all it takes is for a male to claim to identify with “being a woman” for them to gain access?

    • givemeyourking . says:

      The only reason this is in the news is because it’s Target. This sort of thing has ALWAYS gone on; try to get it thru your thick skull that one pervert doesn’t represent the entire community.

  • John27 says:

    Everybody told Target that their trânny-in-the-bathroom-policy would have the perverts coming out of the woodwork, but they didn’t listen.

  • John27 says:

    Everybody told Target that their trânny-in-the-bathroom-policy would have the pêrverts coming out of the woodwork, but they didn’t listen.

  • John27 says:

    Everybody told Target that their trânny-in-the-bâthroom-policy would have the pêrverts coming out of the woodwork, but they didn’t listen.

    • 1Myles1 says:

      The law does nothing to help or hinder perverts.It protects transgender people wanting to use the proper toilet.Is that so hard to understand?

  • Rae says:

    There is ALWAYS one dumb arse that screws things up for everyone.

    • patriot6280 says:

      Like the first individual who demanded that a human be allowed to use whatever facility they choose based on feelings not on their XX or XY chromosomes. You can implant the baggies and cut off the stick, but you CANNOT remove the Y. Thus, you are not changing gender.

    • Yisheng Qingwa says:

      Yeah. One. Sure.

      theysaythisneverhappens. wordpress. com

  • Dana says:


    Transwoman Accused of Taking Photos Of Woman In Dressing Room

    He’s not a woman. And while we’re at it, women generally don’t do this kind of thing–not even lesbian women, who might actually enjoy the view.

    • Lee Snelson says:

      And neither do real Trans women, this guygirl has a problem for sure, i’d be surprised to find out if he’s even been diagnosed with GID 🙂

      • Rabbitsandwiches1 says:

        You don’t need GID to be considered transgender. You just have to state you “feel like a woman.”

        • dpatton says:

          Actually you do if you are going to transition, and get a name and gender marker changed on ID, HRT, surgery, or even be recognized legally or medically.

          • Brian Geary says:

            But you don’t have to go through that to get school to allow you to use girls’ bathrooms, be on girls’ teams, or use public bathrooms.

          • Panda__Lover says:

            but for Target, you don’t need to prove anything.

        • Corina Pfeil says:

          No true. One also must go through a evaluation, have a diagnosis, have ongoing supportive counseling, 1-2 years of psycritriy & psychologist care, then they can begin transition after other specialist evaluations, then living as a aligning gender for 1 year, then they can begin cross hormones, then they can have their state ID changed & have surgery, and have their Birth Certificate & SSID changed.
          So no, a person can not just say their feel like a man or woman, there is much more to it than that !

      • TGuerrant says:

        No true Scotsman!

      • Pod0riji7 says:

        Piss off with your misogynist rape culture apologist comment.

  • Lauren Crofts says:

    Hmmm, I hope they throw the book at this one. I especially hope that it comes to light whether this person is an actual trans woman or just another nutter posing to paint trans people as predators. Not like it hasn’t been done before, right? I mean, if this person didn’t want to get caught, they did all the wrong things… Obvious crime, highly publicised act at a highly publicised location, no attempt to conceal identity… If this isn’t some kind of smear campaign I’ll eat my hat… I’ll buy a hat and THEN, I’ll eat my hat.

  • Jasper Martin says:

    How come these stories never get picked up by the mainstream media? Transwomen assaulting women in the women’s showers, bathrooms and dressing rooms, is actually very common nowadays and yet it is only the local community media which will report. I follow several radical feminists on social media who track this pattern of transwomen assaulting real women across the nation, but if I only followed the mainstream media then I’d think it never happens.

    Follow the money. The trans lobby is the only “oppressed” group who has such a tiny number of members with a grossly disproportionate percentage of them being multi-millionaires who donate literally millions each year to fund public relation campaigns. They don’t bother setting up any kind of homeless shelters or rape crisis centers for other transwomen, which is what women, lesbians and black women have done for women, gays and ethnic minorities over the decades. Instead, all the millionaire transpeople do, is spend money on media campaigns where they ask for more money to fund yet more media campaigns to convince the public to allow them in the bathrooms.

    Seems like it would be a super juicy story for any journalist — unless of course they’re pressured not to write about it.

    • Barefootboyz says:

      Some facts for you

      • Polly Hanna says:

        You are aware that many transwomen are politically conservative, like Caitlyn Jenner.

        • GeorgiaG says:

          Caitlyn Jenner is no woman. He’s a man named Bruce who seems to have had a lifelong affinity for dressing in women’s clothing. He’s a father, grandfather, and ex-husband to THREE women. And he’s a former professional Olympic athlete. But let’s not let a few facts get in the way for anyone supporting his apparent mentally ill delusion that’s rooted in a fetish by helping him pretend he’s something he can never EVER be.

  • arithrianos says:

    how can this be, I thought trans* meant you could get away with any crime you wanted too, where is the aclu? in reality is it is just proof that you CAN call the police, even on a transwoman, and they will get arrested if they are committing crimes.

    • TGuerrant says:

      But first the crimes ARE committed.

    • Fred Allen says:

      So your argument is that we should pass laws that make it easier to assault women and girls? Because that’s what you’re saying here.

      • arithrianos says:

        as soon as you prove that these laws make it easier to assault women and girls I may believe you, but until then the actual evidence is that forcing transwomen into the mens room makes them more likely to be assaulted or harassed, while allowing them into the women room has not had the effect you guys claim, even though you have had 10 years to prove it so far. the good news for you is more and more places are allowing trans* to use the bathroom of their gender, so maybe you can actually prove what you are saying, someday.

      • James Shanks says:

        Um… transgener people have always been allowed to legally use the bathrooms they are comfortable in. They have always used them. This conversation started with North Carolina trying to ban it. Not as a reaction to incidents, but because “It could happen!” But people ate it up and now they think it’s a sudden, new urgent issue. But since when do people think it’s ok to take rights away from a group of people out of fear of the POTENTIAL actions of criminals? We don’t do that with guns, right? And we shouldn’t! I shouldn’t assume you are against any form of gun control, but a lot of people who oppose transgender bathroom rights are so I will address them here. If it applies to you, cool. If not, please disregard the YOU part and just try to see the connection I’m making because it’s total hypocrisy. We don’t want to take rights away from responsible gun owners due to the actions of a few gun owners right? Even though having your picture taken in the bathroom is really bad, 50 people getting shot and killed is a little worse right? But we still don’t want to take rights away from law abiding citizens due to the potential actions of criminals. Now turn that same logic to this issue, and suddenly it doesn’t make sense? These people’s rights to equal protection under the law and basic dignity don’t matter? How about those ridiculous gun free zones? We laugh at those because we know criminals don’t obey laws right? Why would anyone think passing laws that ban people from bathrooms will keep a criminal out of the wrong one? If you laugh at the idea of criminals not taking guns into gun free zones, can’t you see that criminals will also just laugh at the “vaginas only” bathroom rule? And even if you can’t see why it’s just as ridiculous, at least try to see why these laws won’t be enforceable. Or do you think the government should establish a TSA like organization that posts someone at every public restroom door to check genitals? I can see it now. Their little blue shirts and rubber gloves. You have to wait at the line, then they motion you forward. They tell you to open your pants or lift your dress and show them your genitals. Once they approve, you can use the bathroom. GTFO with that crap. It can’t happen. It won’t happen. And it certainly shouldn’t happen. Besides… anyone can be a pervert. Man, woman, gay, straight or transgender. You don’t have to pretend to be a woman to be a pedophile and try to take pictures of kids. And you certainly won’t get away with it if you get caught by uttering a magical phrase like “It’s ok, I’m transgender!” Nope. Pretty sure you’ll be arrested anyway. Banning transgender people from bathrooms will ONLY affect them and not criminals. It’s not enforceable at all and the only people it will hurt is them. The ones who obey the law. And speaking of… have you ever seen an FTM transgender? Take this fine gentleman for example. His name is Mike Hughes. He is an FTM transgender, meaning he was born with and still has a vagina. By your logic, he should be legally REQUIRED to use the ladies room. Now what?

  • John Stuart Mill says:

    But this never, ever happens. The “trans” extremist lobby has promised us that there are zero cases of “transwomen” abusing women or girls in our facilities. What? They’re hiding the truth? To further their anti-female agenda? Huh.

    • Kim says:

      I don’t think he’s a transwoman. I think he’s a sex molester who just got caught. He’s on a list somewhere. And look at his picture. It’s saying, why are you people so mean to me??? SMH.

      • Fred Allen says:

        With all due respect, Kim, this man identifies as a woman. He uses a female name, dresses in female clothing, and he stated to the police that he is transgender. By all accounts, this qualifies him as a “transwoman,” even though he is a biological male. Granted, he could just be a pervert, but so could any number of other transsexuals. Being transsexual does not make a person immune from commiting crimes; in fact, there is a long, long rap sheet of transsexual men commiting crimes against women, children, and public decency in general.

  • Zuzanna Smith says:

    But, but that never happens! Transladees are dainty females ya’ll, they NEVER do this, pffffffffft.

  • genderreals > genderfeels says:

    This is why transgender is ridiculous. It’s a rights movement for mentally ill people. Reality check: humans are sexually dimorphic! Just because a man takes female hormones, it does not make him a woman. It’s (not) funny that people are willing to play politics with such blatant nonsense that doctors can turn men into “women” and women into “men” with MAGICAL hormones and plastic surgery. What many people don’t understand is that with the new transfad, gender identification is entirely feelings based.

    Yes, according to trans dogma, a man who gets breast implants is totes a woman! Also a man that does nothing medical or surgical but feels like a woman is considered a woman in the new trans legislation. What is also interesting is that menopausal women have been talked down to and denied hormone treatments by doctors for YEARS because of cancer risk, but suddenly if you are a man with a fetish for “woman-face” or a young girl who is convinced she is a dudely dude, high doses of cross-sex hormones are a civil right!

    Does this deranged looking man look like a woman to you? He’s a predator wolf who thinks dressing up like a hen will get him better access to the henhouse. Target is also a joke for promoting this b.s. They basically are saying political virtue signaling is more important than keeping perverts out of the dressing room. This transgender trend will burn out and face serious backlash soon because it’s simply grounded in utter fantasy, virtue signaling by the media and academics who want to seem “more progressive than thou” and medical malpractice.

    The T may be a part of GLBT, but gay and trans have almost nothing to do with each other. Most trans are heterosexual and do not belong in the gay movement. Gay is a sexual orientation, trans is a mental illness. I have supported gay rights for many years, but I draw the line at trans because of issues like this. Gay marriage and gay rights don’t force women to allow men like the one above into their formerly safe spaces.

    What’s strange is that the only argument trans-activists have against critics is that they are “ignorant” and “hateful”. NO, denying biological reality is IGNORANT and removing hard fought for sex-based protections for women on behalf of a tiny percentage of people who have a mental illness that tells them their body is wrong and the solution just happens to be total lifetime dependence on the pharmaceutical and fashion industries is HATEFUL. Also, just read the kind of crap trans-activists write. They are often blatantly unhinged, delusional and abusive to non-trans people. They often reject common sense solutions surrounding bathrooms and locker rooms and instead issue threats and demands till they get their way.

    Transgender is a fad (remember in the 90’s it was called transexualism and no one was claiming people could actually change sex). Now it’s a cash cow for unscrupulous docs, flaky “gender studies” academics, and virtue signaling media and corporations, but it a travesty for reality-based legislation. I hope that woman sues the **** out of Target and the man should be charged as a sex offender. The transgender emperor simply has no clothes.

    • Hannah says:

      Ahh, always nice to read things written by SANE people. And yes, she needs to sue the sh*t out of Target and win.

    • Sarah Lapré says:

      I’m just curious-on what grounds would she sue Target? Their dressing rooms are unisex.

    • Ribb Rotgut says:

      I seriously doubt transgenderism is just a “fad” that will fade away.

      • Bob Blaylock says:

          “Transggenderism” itself may not be a fad, but the popular recognition and treatment of it as anything other than an insane sexual perversion certainly is.

          In the past, it was certainly true that anyone would recognize that there is something very, very wrong with a man who claims to be a woman; and in the future, this will be true as well.  That there are those in society today, who are given any credence, who think that there is anything proper or acceptable about a man claiming to be a woman, and who think that any such claims ought to be taken credibly, is surely a very short-lived social aberration.

  • spudd1 says:

    And so it begins!

  • Previous Customer says:

    Disgusting liberal parasites. Target does not care about your privacy and safety. Target would rather condone disgusting mentally ill people suffering from gender dysphoria than your family. Shows you Target’s morals and values. This victim who was photographed needs to sue Target. We must stop liberalism.

  • ImAnIndividual says:

    Thank you, East Idaho News, for referring to this suspect as a man and not submitting to the dishonesty that is political correctness. The site that linked your story didn’t even have the guts enough to do that. This happened to a little girl here in my city, except it was a man not even attempting to dress as a woman. But Target’s irresponsible edict allowed this man to waltz into the girl’s dressing room unchallenged and take advantage of the situation.

    • Linda Belcher says:

      So, this happens without Target’s bathroom policy, but it’s Target’s fault simply because it happened once at one of their stores? This happens ALL THE TIME. The only reason you’re hearing about it now is because of 1. Target’s bathroom policy and 2. because the suspect identifies as a trans woman. Had this been one of the myriad men who does this ALL THE TIME, and not someone who identifies as trans, you wouldn’t even know.

      • ImAnIndividual says:

        You’ve missed the point (that you even make mind you!) altogether. You’re right it HAS happened before, many times, with heterosexual men, cross dressers, AND “transwomen” (which my iPhone wouldn’t even type).

        The man in my city wasn’t trying to present himself as a woman, but had Target’s policy NOT been to allow just any old guy to go into the women’s facilities, THIS LITTLE GIRL likely would not have been victimized. And even if he had committed this crime without these policies, THE LAW or POLICY couldn’t have been used in his defense!

      • Kim says:

        We can’t even go shopping anymore without some idiot pervert doing something stupid. SMH. I don’t use multiple stalled bathrooms or dressing rooms anymore. I miss the days when I could actually do fun stuff.

        • bandanajack says:

          out of curiosity, what fun things did you do in multiple stalled bathrooms that you are now prevented from doing. sounds like you are in need of some new hobbies.

        • Linda Belcher says:

          Perhaps I’m just an off putting woman who isn’t as beautiful as she thinks she is, because I feel quite comfortably peeing in Target’s bathrooms, and thus far I’ve yet to find anyone eager to watch me squat.

    • Sunspot says:

      The media prefers to refer to a trans as a man if he’s convincted of a crime, and as a woman if there’s no crime or he’s a victim.

    • Feileacan says:

      Cis male, claims to be trans to stir the pot and cause problems. Probably paid off as well.. nuff said.

    • Beverly Cosgrove says:

      “Thank you, East Idaho News, for referring to this suspect as a man” — actually, this person (who does not seem to be transgender) refers to himself as a man, still. So this was not a journalistic decision. This person’s social media all gives him as “male”.

  • Previous Customer says:

    Why won’t you post my comment ? Truth hurts, doesn’t it .

  • Leslie Gray says:

    Funny how when there is a real transgender person involved in a news story the media gets the person’s gender wrong. But, when they get the juicy chance to report on an alleged transgender offender they get the gender correct. I will not be the least bit surprised of this case turns out to be yet another cisgender poser attempt to smear the transgender community.

    • Tina Browder says:

      This is NOT a real trans person

      • perk1973 says:

        And how exactly do you know that? Who are you to judge how this person feels on the inside?

      • GroundControl500 says:

        How do you know this?

      • Suzzyfuzz says:

        I agree. Check out those eyebrows! Any man legitimately trying to pass as a woman would get those things taken care of. Sheesh.

      • Rabbitsandwiches1 says:

        Would you be saying the same thing if this individual had saved someone instead of committing a crime? Of course not. You’d be exclaiming what an amazing woman they are.

        • Bob Blaylock says:

            No, no sane person would be saying that.  No matter what h’orsh’/it does—good or evil—this person is a man, not a woman.

      • Fred Allen says:

        But wait, he said he was a trans person. He uses a feminine name, and wore female clothing. So how can you say he is NOT a real trans person? By most LGBTQ accounts, he/she qualfies as “Trans.”

    • Alan says:

      More likely a cisgender that couldn’t care less about the transgender community. He was just attempting to take advantage of the fiasco created by them.

    • Kim says:

      I doubt it’s a poser b/c who wants to be a poser and go to jail? he’s a pervert on a list somewhere. Glad he’s caught.

  • marylou says:

    And it will happen again…over and over and over again. And some child or female will be physically molested/raped by these mentally ill perverts or predators.

  • Kargone says:

    If only someone had seen this coming and warned us…

  • NickDavisGB says:

    When is East Idaho going to join the 20th Century?

  • Still trying huh Christian America? Even with Hospice by your Lord’s side still the attempts to promote fear.

  • Counter-Currents Reader says:

  • Counter-Currents Reader says:

  • Counter-Currents Reader says:

    Why is it against the law for one woman to take pictures of another woman? And, yes, that individual was LEGALLY considered a woman, so all “she” was doing was acting out a lezbian impulse. Therefore, the attorney for this individual needs to forcefully argue that this is an anti-g*a*y hate crime against a “woman” who was merely taking pictures of another woman. So where’s the crime?

    • Linda Belcher says:

      The crime has nothing to do with the gender of either the victim or the perpetrator. The crime is a crime because this type of behavior is invasion to one’s privacy. This has NOTHING to do with gender/sex whatsoever. If a man had done this to another man, it would still be a crime.

      • Fred Allen says:

        Yes, but do bear in mind that because the male who perpetrated the crime calls himself a woman, he was allowed into a woman’s only space, and there had much easier access to assault a woman. So, indeed, this has everything to do with the gender of the perpetrator and the law that says transgenders deserve the right to attack the rights and dignity of women.

        • givemeyourking . says:

          Nowhere does the law say “that transgenders deserve the right to attack the rights and dignity of women”. Get over yourself. This article was clickbait designed to draw the outrage of idiots like yourself. Furthermore, this dressing room area was unisex, and has been for at least a decade.

  • Counter-Currents Reader says:


  • Counter-Currents Reader says:


  • Counter-Currents Reader says:


  • Counter-Currents Reader says:


  • Counter-Currents Reader says:


  • bandanajack says:

    this stinks to high heavens. it is just too damn convenient, and needs to be thoroughly investigated. i want to know if this guy lives as a woman or has any history as trans, or just popped up recently. was he paid to do this by one of the anti gay organizations. there just has to be more behind this story.

    • Hannah says:

      Doesn’t matter if he has a history as trans or not. All a person needs to do is say they feel like the opposite sex and it’s done. There is literally no science backing it up, no physical diagnostic tests grounded in material reality we can do to determine if someone is “trans”. If there was such a test, don’t you think all trans people would be getting it to determine that they really are trans? And if such a test said they weren’t trans, would they then abandon these feelings and their “trans” status? Doubt it.

      • GroundControl500 says:

        Exactly, Hannah, exactly!

      • bandanajack says:

        that is simply untrue. don’t try to get your facts from fox commentators of zealots with an ax to grind. a cross dresser is someone who likes dressing up as a woman, transgender is someone who identifies as a member of the opposite sex and has a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. to actually be considered transgender you must be living as a woman, at least part time.

    • Fred Allen says:

      Why do you challenge this woman? Her preferred name is Shanna, her preferred pronoun is “she,” and she wears female clothing. Why are you denying her the legal right to claim she is a woman? Does her action upset your preconceived notions of what being trans really is?

      • bandanajack says:

        for one thing it is freaking iowa, for another, so far, there is no evidence beyond the event leading to the arrest and third, it is all so very convenient in an argument that trangender is a threat to “normal people” for the right wing scandal sheets,

        and aren’t you the coy one accusing me of sexism of transphobia so smoothly. so glib, so phony, and so clearly not believing a word coming from your own lips.

  • hugh swan says:


  • Leonel_VHS says:

    That mugshot says everything BUT “transgender” to me. Yikes.

  • Brianna says:

    I’m betting that this guy is a member of some hate group attempting to “prove” their point.

    • susan_oconnell says:

      Yep. My first thought, too.

    • GroundControl500 says:

      Puleeze. Making up some excuse that fits your agenda is not reality.

    • Fred Allen says:

      The man states he is a woman, uses a feminine name, and wore female clothing. So, I think he qualifies as trans. I’ve seen men who did much less in the way of making up and clothing who still are treated as women. So why shouldn’t we treat this guy as trans?

      And what “hate” group are you referring to — perhaps one of them any groups in America that 2/3rds of Americans belong to? Because at least 2/3rds of Americans are opposed to the trans agenda. Are they all “haters”?

      Maybe they just think allowing men to compete against women in sports is unfair, or that allowing biological men to shower next to little girls is not right. And if you defend such actions, it makes you, no holds bar, a rank misogynist of the first order.

    • Kim says:

      I doubt that. I mean who wants to go to jail, put on a sex offender’s list for years, have a prison record, spend time in said prison for years, have their lives destroyed forever, never be able to get a job just to ‘prove’ a point? I bet he’s on a sex offender’s list somewhere. He just got caught, that’s all. And I’m glad. He can just stay in prison. *Shivers*

  • Richard Jarrell says:

    This guy isn’t trans anything. His Facebook still uses the name Sean. He’s just a guy who thought one day to try to dress like a woman and pretend to be trans to get into the bathroom.

  • Travis says:

    Look at that. Who is surprised by this news? Nobody? Okay.

  • Drareg Namloh says:

    Provide evidence for your assertion (the percentage figure), or it’s a lie. And no, extremist right wing/religious sites like the Family Research Council sites are not credible.
    And, I’m not disputing that people of another gender be permitted in personal spaces of another gender, regardless of how they ‘feel’. I fully support this segregation.
    It’s long overdue to drop the ‘T’ from LGBT. These people are overwhelmining heterosexuals and most are just autogynephilia fetishists. Nothing to do with ‘GAY’.
    The Q? Queer has just become a way for teens and young adults to stand out, and appear ‘kewl’. As has the term ‘sexually fluid’. Everyone is either homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual.

      • Drareg Namloh says:

        But that’s not what (s)he stated – (s)he stated that 0.06% of the US population identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or queer. That’s a ridiculous statistic. Your own link indicates a 3.8% figure for the US population. And is stated in many places like Gallop, the figure is difficult to determine. There are many people who won’t admit to their own homosexuality to themselves, yet alone a researcher.
        I realize the point being made is that there are very few transgender people in the population – I don’t disagree.
        What I would like to bring across though, transgender does not equate to being gay in any way. Apples and oranges, but most people associate the two. It’s time for the LGB to drop the ‘T’.

        • DEM says:

          It’s true that many men who claim to be woman are sexually attracted to women. That’s another great reason to not give them access to women’s rest rooms, locker rooms and changing rooms. The man who claimed to be a woman while videotaping a actual woman at Target is a perfect example of where such insanity leads.

    • Frank Smith says:

      So you demand the rules be changed if the number is what?

      If greater than 95% of the people have to adopt new rules and laws for 5% of the people, you don’t find that asinine?

  • susan_oconnell says:

    Quite the opposite. Nothing’s changing for cisgendered people. You are not required to change anything about your bathroom habits. Go about your business as usual.

    • DEM says:

      Did you read the story? Something is different and only an insane individual would claim otherwise.

      • Bob Blaylock says:

          Did you notice that the person to whom you are responding used the term “cisgendered”.  Sane people don’t use that term.  Sane people don’t speak of “cis-” anything.  Only insane individuals—реrvеrts—do.

  • greyhalo says:

    So is the defensive position that this can’t be a trans woman because a trans woman:
    1) would never do this?
    2) would be more feminine?

    The problem with identity politics is that we are who we claim to be.

  • givemeyourking . says:

    I’ve never understood why dressing rooms aren’t always completely enclosed to begin with. Bathroom stalls, too, for that matter. Why do we need a big gaping space under the door? Why aren’t the walls high enough to keep someone from holding up a cell phone over the wall to take pictures? It couldn’t be THAT much more expensive to build.

  • Oceansides says:

    Nice work, Target! And hey, while you’re reviewing your “inclusive” policy, maybe try looking out for the safety of REAL WOMEN.

    • 1Myles1 says:

      Janet Porter organized a group of straight men to invade women’s toilets and you call transgender people perverts.Her foolishness will help in the long run.

  • KAC says:

    It’s irresponsible reporting.
    The fitting rooms at that Target are neutral and placed between the men’s and women’s clothing sections. He didn’t gain access to the fitting rooms because he was transgender. He could have been dressed as a stormtrooper and it would have been the same exact crime.

    This isn’t about him being transgender and having access to the fitting
    rooms, it’s about him being a pervert and an idiot. Dude committed a
    crime and got arrested, happens every day. Reporting otherwise is
    irresponsible and nothing more than incitement.

    • FosterCat says:

      Wrong. The crime he committed would have been the same whether he was a man or woman, BUT in previous, more sane times, his very presence in the women’s fitting rooms would have been enough to get him thrown out of the store and possibly arrested. Now we women have to wait until the man actually commits a crime, or tries to commit one, before anything can be done.

      • KAC says:

        But, he wasn’t in the “women’s fitting rooms”. He was in THE fitting
        rooms. The only fitting rooms in the store, located between the men’s
        and women’s clothing sections.

        Here is the map for that specific store

        The crime was that he reached over the wall of the fitting rooms and took pics of a woman in the next stall.
        I can guarantee that this happens every day, in every state, and in every
        store with fitting rooms. Whether the fitting rooms are women-only or
        not. Whatever the pervert’s gender or color or orientation is.
        Creepers creep.
        The fact that he claims to be transgender during the time of this
        “great transgender bathroom debate” is a non-issue when the other facts
        of the case are honestly evaluated.

    • Bob Blaylock says:

        Target’s irresponsible policy has the obvious and expected effect of making it both easier to commit this crime, and easier to get away with it.

      • 1Myles1 says:


        • DEM says:

          But if a man wants to peep at a women and that man is openly invited to share facilities in which women are disrobed then it does make it easier for that man to peep. That’s not moronic, it’s a realistic interpretation of logistics.

  • Rabbitsandwiches1 says:

    Do you have any proof they do not feel like a woman inside, or are you just saying that because they committed a criminal act? How transphobic of you to deny this person’s gender identity.

    • SpliffMenendez says:

      Curious where the SJW out rage of him being locked up in a man’s prison is

    • Kim says:

      Troll alert!! Troll alert!!

    • neverhome says:

      There is no such thing as gender identity. Either you’re male or female, or in some rare cases people are born with both. But this BS of just arbitrarily deciding to be another gender is a good indication of someone needing professional help.

  • DEM says:

    Gee, I hope that SCOTUS declares you to be the arbiter of gender identity because you’re all knowing, all seeing and all kinda stuff like that there.

  • Rabbitsandwiches1 says:

    If we use your logic, butch lesbians aren’t women either. This man is transgender if he says he is, because that is all that is needed for someone to be considered trans. There is no medical diagnosis or test needed to be considered transgender.

  • Fred Allen says:

    But he indeed claims he is transgender, and even uses a feminine name. Are you suggesting he is lying about his gender identity?

    And if that is the case, how can we distinguish “real transsexuals” from posers? After all, this guy has a female name and wore female clothing. So, by most accounts, this qualifies him as transsexual.

  • KlintzDisqus says:

    What many of you miss is that the police are powerless to unlock the person’s phone to delete the photos.

    Even a judge, with their powers, cannot coerce a person to reveal the code to unlock his/her phone because, guess what–that would be compelling a person to incriminate themselves.

  • Boudicca says:

    It’s guys like you, yeah, I know you’re a guy who “thinks” he’s a woman, but was born and raised with a penis, who put your pathetic little fantasy mind-games far ahead of the safety of real women and girls. You are a misogynist, an enemy of women and girls. A selfish male. A delusional prick. You will never be a woman, you are just another self-important, selfish, patriarchal asshole. Oh, and FYI, despite you trying to convince yourself otherwise, NO ONE believes you are a woman.

  • FosterCat says:

    It’s actually about 3% in total. 0.5% total “identify” as trans. So about 99.5% of the population is not trans.

  • fasdfasfd says:

    Wow are you questioning “her” gender identity? I thought “misgendering” was an act of violence? Off to gender prison with you!

  • sdfgsdfg says:

    It’s not like there’s any *real* criteria for what constitutes being “trans” these days- all you have to is say you “feel” like x. So if he says he is trans, he is trans.

    • bandanajack says:

      that is not correct. cross dressing does not make you transgender, it makes you a transVESTITE, or simply a female impersonator. transgender, while not an illness, does require a diagnosis in order to be legally considered transgender. where do you people get your information, fox news, or do you simply make it up.

  • Tccd says:

    Well that didn’t take long now did it Obama?

  • Amy Downing Loveless says:

    Here is the filing for her-his preliminary hearing.

    Looks like she will be trialed as a man.

    Wondering when males will be allowed to be inmates at a female prison if they are transgender? (PS transgender does NOT mean they have had a sex change…that is a transexual)

    Especially when many are under a false notion that all female transgenders are gay …(many are not, they are still attracted to the opposite biological sex)

    and that “real transgenders” (the ones that fit the liberal publicity mold of whatever that means)
    all are saints that are not ever predatorial.

    The circular arguments I have read today are beyond reason.

    Gender identity isn’t always sexual attraction, sex changes, or indemnity from perverse behavior.

    I do not understand the inability to see the truth.
    Some HUMANS are into wierd stuff or are selfish and abusive…
    even to themselves,
    why not towards others?

    How can someones gender identity or feelings…suddenly make them or not make them capable of committing crimes?

    We have straight predators. (The reason we originally had private changing and bathing rooms for womens safety in the first place.)

    We have gay predators. (Which many gay men avoid for their safety)

    We have abusers in every segment of society…even women…
    And even children, can be guilty of being bullies…

    So why would transgenders be any different?
    Funny how the minute a transgender isn’t harmless… or perfectly safe… he is disowned by the media and all the defenders of transgender policies.

  • Fred Allen says:

    Gina King, are you transphobic? It find it incredible that you are judging this man’s identity as a woman based solely upon superficial grooming details, instead of his real persona inside. This man is suffering — he feels he is a woman! He identifies as a woman to the police, he uses a feminine name, he even wears female clothing.

    Who are you to judge, Gina? I think you must be a closet bigot for being so judgmental about this man’s gender identity. You might try checking your privilege and attending an LBGTQ sensitivity training class. And remember, Gina, gender is not a matter of how you dress or groom — it’s how you feel inside that counts.

  • Rachael says:

    He’s not a woman, he’s a man masquerading as a woman.
    Stop calling male Trannies women. They are what their DNA says they are.

    People have been declaring a BOYCOTT of Target since they admitted this
    policy to let Transgender (Female Pretenders) in the women’s dressing/restrooms.
    BOYCOTT TARGET Everybody. Find another store that doesn’t have these policies
    and use your money to save your rights and your Society!

  • kateblue says:

    He was a man who said he was something else that has no discernible definition and is protected by laws that protect men who want to dress up like women and enter women’s space.

    That’s all. Its not about you re-defining what occurred at that store based on your desire to decorate reality to fit your delusion or perception; what is is what is. The man dressed like a woman and entered a space designed to be restricted to only other women. He then took advantage of the of the woman there; trust that she was in a space for only women and got himself some more feed for his perversion.

    The trans movement wishes to protect these types of people by denying that they exist and then denying that their efforts to change reality do more harm to innocent people than help anyone but other assholes like this man. And when anyone brings up this fact, the response of the trans community is to put their fingers in their ears, refuse to listen and tell the rest of us that its our problem to fix and oh by the way, shut up because we’re hurting your fee-fees with all that awful talk!

  • Bob Blaylock says:

      The woman involved ought to sue Target. This sort of thing is an obvious and expected consequence of Target’s reckless, immoral policy of disregarding the safety and privacy of actual women in order to cater to a tiny minority of sick perverts.

  • Bob Blaylock says:

      Look at his avatar.  You know what the rainbow pattern is usually used these days to mean, right?  He’s either a pervert himself, or someone who chooses to take the side of perverts against that of decent people.  He’s not even hiding it; he’s waving it as if it were some proud banner.

  • Keith Stoyk says:

    Everyone with more than 5 brain cells saw this coming. And it will keep happening until the stupidity of all-access restrooms goes away.

  • Blondy Van Weirden says:

    And…I’ll bet that some local Right-wing wacko Christian church put him up to it.

    • Glenn Myers says:

      I bet you’re a Liberal, EBT card holding taker. How about you Iron your Che T-shirt and go knaw on your girl friends corns or something.

  • Phleb says:

    What a joke! I see “restrooms” on that map, but I know for a fact they’re separate areas.

  • Pod0riji7 says:

    Everyone’s “trans” if they say so… until they commit a crime or make the trans borg looks bad. Then *poof*…. they’re suddenly not.

  • Frank Smith says:

    Weren’t we assured by the homosexual/lesbian/trans/whatever crowd that this would never happen?

  • Don Ford says:

    He is a man through and through. Sexually gratifying, you bet. Most guys on the planet would get aroused at such a filming. Sick and sicker. We’ve just begun to see the tip of a humongous iceberg, and we did it to ourselves by allowing the whole LGBT-Q flock to nest here and lay eggs in this bathroom affair. Ban these bathroom rules now and send a message to the bigger pervert of the land, we don’t want you or your kind here. LEAVE, and don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. Unless, someone gets off on filming that too. LOL Stop this whole madness train, I want off!!!

    “Go and Sin no more” seems to come into play here. Maybe we could build the LGBT-Q community a beautiful place to play their perverted games in, maybe a place like Sodom and Gomorra. Putting on false eyelashes and a wig and a dress don’t make you a girl. ROFLMBO!!!

  • givemeyourking . says:

    First, according to multiple sources, this wasn’t a restroom, it was a dressing room. And this particular Target had the men’s and women’s dressing rooms all together in a common area. This was nothing more than your ordinary garden variety pervert in an ordinary dressing room that he could have been in at any time long before Target changed the bathroom policy. But because it’s Target, it grabs headlines. Conservatives are YEARNING to be proven right (that inclusion of transgenders will destroy us all) and they’ll snatch at any scrap of verification they can get.

    However, having said all that, I question why it is that ANY public place where one might be getting disrobed, whether it be a dressing room or restroom….why is it that there aren’t completely enclosed spaces to use for that? For example, why do we need bathroom stalls with big gaping spaces under and over the door, lacking high or enclosed walls to block peeking from over the stall? Public bathrooms and dressing rooms have ALWAYS had this sort of problem from time to time. There’s an easy fix. So why hasn’t it happened?

  • Jannie says:

    This is why it’s not a good idea to have transgender use the same dressing rooms and restrooms as females. This is just the beginning. Plus there are probably incidents we don’t know about. Whatever is your gender on your birth certificate, that’s the fitting room or restroom you should use. Nothing against transgender people but this is simply too much.

  • Larry Huff says:

    This is a setup by religious nutcase right wingers. It won’t work.

  • Morminion says:

    50 50 chance he’s also a Mormon

  • Kelly Snider says:

    If he was arrested right after why is he not in full make up and looking like a female? Seems he would have been pretty easy to spot looking like this walking into the women’s dressing room.

  • Kelly Snider says:

    46? This guy looks like he’s in his late 20’s. Are we even sure this is the right mug shot for the story?

  • Truth Hurts says:

    If he was a convicted sex molester (who molests sex?), it’d be a matter of public record and NOTED IN THIS VERY ARTICLE.

  • onechosenson says:

    THAT is a phallacy and dangerous lie.
    NO one has ever been allowed to do whatever they please with their own bodies. Its illegal to sell your body for sex, or sell your own organs, and myriad other things. Just because you want to do a thing, and it feels good, or accomplishes some selfish purpose doesnt mean you should be allowed to do it.
    Are you suggesting that an entier nation be subject to the selfish whims and desires of the individual? What lunatic fantasy is this?
    THIS is EXACTLY what happens when we allow people to do these things claiming that they hurt no one and its their body they can do what they like.
    No man is an island.
    We all live in close contact with each other, and EVERY action has a consequence.
    youre quite selfish if you cant see that.
    Its EVERYONES circus. We all live in the SAME tent. And the irresponsible actions of wild selfdelusioned selfish monkeys affect ALL OF US.

  • Phleb says:

    According to that map/floorplan there’s only ONE RESTROOM,

    What part of that do YOU not understand?

    In otherwords, I’m calling buIIshit!

    • BizLawyer says:

      Read the first line of the article. This person was in the FITTING ROOM NOT THE RESTROOM. At this Target – as with so many other Targets – the fitting rooms are not segregated by sex whereas the restrooms ARE segregated by sex (irrespective of the the single grey section on the store map).

      Facts. They’re a thing.

  • Challenger says:

    Re known medical universities have concluded that Trangender is a mental illness .Insurance companies want that stopped because they don’t want to get stuck paying to change Jimmie into Janie . Alot of money at stake so what do you think they are going to do .

  • Slyan says:

    And so it begins, we all saw it coming. Anyone surprised by this is just being ignorant, really. Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not this person is trans so arguing over it in the comments is just pointlessly silly, the fact remains that what they’ve done is wrong, and the paying the consequence for it.

  • NickDavisGB says:

    Good to see you have learnt the art of comparing apples and oranges.

  • Scott E. Myers says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if every time a cisgender person committed a crime, the article started off by saying “Cisgender man…” or “Cisgender woman…”? Some transgender people commit crimes, just like some non-trans people do. Unfortunately, ignorant and alarmist headlines like this one will only fuel more anti-trans bigotry.

  • Lorraine Pierce says:

    And this is why if Target is going to make every room coed they need to have the doors and walls go from floor to ceiling! DUH!

  • P`tar says:

    I wonder whether or not this is a transwoman, she doesn’t present much as one. Regardless, trans or cis, this voyeur, peeping tom, whatever, is a criminal. Treat her, or him, as such.

  • D Chandler says:

    bandanajack, and everyone else, The article states “An Idaho Falls man who police say identifies as transgender”. The “man” did not have to be dressed as a woman, or resemble a woman in any way, to enter the female dressing area. Whether he is a transvestite or not, or whether he is a transgender in transition or not, does not matter. All that is required to gain entry is his stated self identification. The “disguise” facilitated his entry. The problem is not transgender individuals. The problem is criminals that pose as transgender individuals to commit a crime by taking advantage of this weak and short-sighted law. Businesses are placed in a difficult place here. The only solution I can see is to convert group changing areas and bathrooms to one-person areas, at a great cost to the businesses.

  • Bob Blaylock says:

      Only perverts use the prefix “cis…” as if it means anything.

  • Bob Blaylock says:

      Keeping and bearing arms is a right explicitly affirmed and assigned to the people, in the Constitution.  Being a sick, immoral pervert, and forcing your perversion on others, is not.

  • Brianna says:

    No, I think you’re confused…..”Christians” take that distinction easily

    • Giskard says:

      Please provide examples.

      I can’t speak for all Christian, or even for all Catholics (which I proudly am), but I believe we should be treated as individuals, not as members of a group. When politicians or anyone, judges you based an the group you are a member of instead of your value as an individual, then we have problems.

      The current Democrat platform is one that devices the country into special interest groups. By making these devisions, they help to perpetuate the hate that we see in the news every day.

    • Giskard says:

      Oh, now I get it. You mean Christians are the group that YOU hate the most….

  • DEM says:

    bandanajack’s mind is in the gutter. It’s fallen and it can’t get up. Too bad that normal people have to suffer because of people with attitudes like his.

  • DEM says:

    You’re lying. Men with mental illnesses have not always been permitted to use facilities assigned to women and girls. It’s bizarre that you would make such a claim.

  • DEM says:

    Are you suggesting that a man became a transgender just to make transgenders look bad? If you watch a video of this man he’s obviously suffering from gender dysphoria. Why hate him for that? He needs help and I don’t mean the kind of help that supports him in his delusions.

  • Panda__Lover says:

    then Target better start.

  • DEM says:

    This man doesn’t act like other men you know who claim to be women? That’s an admission that what happened in this story is outside of your experience. But it is not outside the experience of his victim.

    • Lauren Crofts says:

      Ah, knew it was coming, the misgendering. You didn’t disappoint.

      It’s not an admission of anything, it is an informed statement. If you are here to lash out at trans women and compare us to men, without factual information, you will do it alone, amongst yourselves, stroking your own prejudices. No one will waste their time arguing with you. Men are violent, and rape, and abuse their physical power and aggression with stranger and friend alike. I lost an arm wrestle to a 14 yr old girl, and I’M some kind of danger? We are not men. Statistically speaking you would be safer around a trans woman than a cis man. And statistically speaking I should never walk outside my front door because of what people like you do. So thankyou for reinforcing that for me. You’re the true predator here.

  • SMANDY says:

    I guess my take on this thread is that you were suggesting that Sean/Shauna Smith is possibly not really transgender but was falsely portraying as transgender while committing the crime of voyeurism in order to stir the current national controversy over bathrooms (in your words, “right wing scandal”). When Fred Allen questioned (and yes, I did understand the sarcasm and straw-man reasoning of his question) why you would not allow Shauna to be what she identifies as and (by implication) NOT just a tool of an anti-gay organization, you provided the basis for your suspicions which was that this happened in “freaking Idaho,” suggesting that it is a well-known and generally accepted fact that things like this happen in Idaho. The entire comment section on this article is rife with people suggesting that people behave badly because of some identification they assume, in this case gender dysphoria. And I think you would concur that it is hugely unfair for people to convict a whole group based on the actions of a few who identify with that group. And yet, you freely judged the motives of a group that I identify with (Idahoan) based on your perception of members of the group.

    I will concur with you that this incident, as all incidents of crime, should be thoroughly investigated and there usually is more to the story than what we see in initial reports.

    But I also would respectfully submit to you that your perception of Idaho is tainted by gross misrepresentation from perhaps Hollywood, media slant, and goodness knows where else these false ideas of Idaho come from. There is certainly no “strong presence” of survivalists, militia groups, white supremacists, or neonazi compounds in this state. Yes, the LDS church is a strong influence in south Idaho and they do have some dogmatic positions on LGBT. But if you interacted with people in the LDS faith (as I have, living surrounded by them but not being one of them) you might find them more open-minded, or at least more ‘live and let live’ than you currently deem them to be. I live in the city where this Target store is located and I can say that this story, now being over a week old, isn’t even on the radar of concern for most people in this community. We are satisfied that the person has been arrested because of the act of voyeurism and not their gender identify, we’ve moved on, there were no protests in front of the store after the story broke, there were no acts of violence against members of the local LGBT community in retribution, and I suspect that the shopping habits of most of the local Target customers hasn’t changed much at all. That is what Idaho is really like.

  • Linda Belcher says:

    No, in fact they cannot, especially when this had nothing to do with their bathroom policy. No lawyer worth her salt would touch a lawsuit against Target with a 10 foot plaintiff.

  • GinaNJ says:

    This is what we Fear. I don’t personally fear the real Transgendered people doing this crap, it’s the Dudes who are using this as an excuse to gain access to women and are doing this crap.

  • Angry D says:

    Where’s a lynch mob when you need one?

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