East Idaho Eats: Chef Shane’s Perspective — gourmet eats with a Caribbean flare

East Idaho Eats

IDAHO FALLS – A local chef has a great passion for cooking and a background in Caribbean culinary. Chef Shane O’Dell shares his unique fare at Chef Shane’s Perspective.

“It has a little bit of Caribbean, French, Spanish, influence,” O’Dell said.

An Idaho native, O’Dell, began his culinary journey in California and was trained in French cooking.

“(I) went to California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Then from there I spent 10 years in the Virgin Islands working as executive chef at a couple different resorts,” he said.

In 2009, O’Dell and his family made the drastic move back in east Idaho.


Chef Shane O’Dell standing behind a rosemary honey wholegrain mustard glazed rack lamb.

“(We) ended up back here about seven years ago, (and) started a catering company. A little over three years ago we opened up the restaurant here — Chef Shane’s Perspective,” O’Dell said.

O’Dell said there isn’t just one requested dish at Chef Shane’s Perspective. Popular items seem to vary and change.

“The mahi-mahi is actually really good, (or) the beef ribeye. On occasion I’ll get in the Kobe beef, and Kobe beef will usually go pretty quick,” O’Dell said.

Other gourmet specialties include the seared scallops with cardamom infused balsamic syrup, or the rosemary honey wholegrain mustard glazed rack lamb.


Seared scallops with cardamom infused balsamic syrup

O’Dell said his favorite dish to prepare is a Caribbean dish called jerk chicken.

“I do a dry rub on it. If I’m doing it at home I’ll go out and make the dry rub, then let it marinate, then put it on the grill and slowly stack it,” O’Dell said.

Locals rave about the restaurant and its gourmet eats. O’Dell said there are many reasons why people keep coming to dine at Chef Shane’s Perspective.

“It’s really good food. Sorta quiet, sorta tucked away. It’s family owned,” O’Dell said.

Chef Shane’s Perspective still offers catering services, and is open for dinners.

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