Burger King unveils new Froot Loops shake, and it comes with a sweet sauce


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Burger King is bringing cereal to its restaurants, just not in the way you would expect.

According to Today.com, Burger King will release its Froot Loops Shake on April 17, which will last for a limited time only.

That’s right — vanilla soft serve ice cream mixed with the colorful Froot Loops breakfast cereal. These shakes will sell for $2.99, according to Today.com.

“The cheerful whipped cream–topped creation ends up looking like Funfetti cake in liquid form, and we can imagine it will be for serious sweet tooths only,” according to Today.com.

Just to make matters even more sugary, the new frozen drink will come with a sweet sauce, according to The Huffington Post.

This announcement isn’t a rumor or prank, unlike the hoax that Burger King planned to release a Whopper-flavored toothpaste. The fast food chain published a video before April Fools’ Day that suggested it would release this new product, though that proved to be false, according to Uproxx.

The Fruit Loops shake is only the latest item in a cereal craze that’s swept the nation.

Ben & Jerry’s launched cereal-based flavors earlier this year, USA Today reported. The ice cream company launched three new flavors, including Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco.

Kellogg’s also opened a restaurant in New York City last year, according to CNN. The menu includes 10 different items, including classic cereals like Special K and Raisin Bran.