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Korn concert in Pocatello has fans ‘freaking stoked’

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POCATELLO — To say Korn fans are excited for the upcoming rock concert in Pocatello is putting it mildly.

“I really don’t think I’ve ever seen east Idaho as excited about a show as they about this one, and with good reason,” KBear 101 FM Programming Director Viktor Wilt told EastIdahoNews.com.

The Korn concert is set to hit the Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheater on Monday, June 26. The concert will also feature modern rock kingpins Stone Sour and up-and-comers Islander.

“It could very likely be the biggest rock event that has ever hit the area, featuring two of the most legendary bands in rock and metal,” Wilt said.

Local fans say they’ve been looking forward to the concert for months.

“If you check my social media, I’ve been posting about it since my birthday on March 21,” Chase Ricks of Pocatello said. “I bought all my friends tickets because I want to show them one of the greatest bands I know.”

Amanda Myers of Pocatello said the excitement for the show is immeasurable.

“I know people that are driving here to see Korn that live in Montana and Utah, so it’s definitely a big deal. I have been waiting many years to see them again and I’m so freaking stoked that they are coming to Pocatello,” she said.

Both Ricks and Myers are long-time Korn fans. Myers has been a fan since she got their “Life is Peachy” album more than 20 years ago.

“I like that Korn’s sound remains the same, yet they have kept evolving,” she said. “They have definitely been a soundtrack to my life.”

Amanda Myers
Courtesy Amanda Myers

What to expect from Korn live set

Korn is renowned for their energetic live shows. The monstrous, detuned guitar riffs. The funky, grooving beats and lead singer Jonathan Davis’ unparalleled skills of getting the crowd involved.

“Their set list is filled with insane sing-alongs,” says Lou Brutus, host of the nationally broadcast Harddrive Radio show. “There is a great vibe that comes off the stage and out to the fans.”

Wilt can’t wait to hear Davis scream “‘Are you ready?!’” and feel the rumbling, volcanic energy coming off the stage as they connect with the crowd. He explains that a show featuring bands of this caliber has the potential to put east Idaho on the map as a prime market for live shows from the biggest bands in rock. If local rock fans pack this show, it will lead to more major rock events coming to our area in the future, he says.

Brutus, who is flying in for the show, gives props to east Idaho fans for supporting rock music. He goes on to call music one of the greatest things we have in this world, saying, “I always tell people the only three things I need are music, baseball and my dog, Darla.”

Myers is stoked to be about the venue at the Portneuf Amphitheater.

“It’s such an awesome venue,” she says. “Listening to live music while watching the sunset is definitely a win-win.”

For tickets and information, you can drop by the Portneuf Ampitheater home page or the concerts page at the KBear 101 website.

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Chase Ricks | Courtesy James Ricks