UPDATE: Famous 2-legged dog found in Fremont County quarry


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Photos courtesy Panda Paws Rescue.



Two-legged boxer Duncan Lou Who was found Saturday afternoon in a rock quarry in Fremont County.

Gary Walters and Amanda Giese said a passerby noticed the dog running around in a rural area near a quarry. He didn’t think anything of it until he heard about the missing dog. He immediately called Giese and about 30 volunteer and professional searchers descended on the area that was 3 miles from the crash site.

“After about two hours (someone) noticed Duncan, and (Giese’s daughter) Jay called out to him and he came over,” Walters said.

Duncan had a few scrapes and cuts and he was dehydrated. He was also limping from an injury, but otherwise the couple said he was going to be just fine.


The family wishes to thank everyone who helped in the search in person and on social media.

“This was one of the most amazing acts of humanity I’ve seen,” Walters said. “The outpouring of support was amazing!”


ISLAND PARK — A fun vacation turned tragic Friday night when a Washington family hit a bison with their truck and lost their beloved dog who is known around the world.

Gary Walters, his fiancee, Amanda Giese and her two children were traveling from Yellowstone National Park to their Airbnb in Island Park around 11 p.m. when they struck the bison on U.S. Highway 20 at mile marker 403 near Idaho Highway 87.

“We took out a power station and rolled my truck five times,” Walters tells EastIdahoNews.com. “Two of our dogs were ejected from the car. I found one of them underneath the truck on the ground and she is okay but Duncan is gone.”

The bison that was struck survived the crash, but was severely injured. A passerby that arrived on the scene after it happened shot the wounded animal.

Duncan Lou Who is a two-legged boxer born with his rear legs fused in an X shape. The legs were removed because they were twisting Duncan’s spine and became 100 percent unusable.

Giese runs Panda Paws Rescue, a non-profit special needs canine rescue organization based in Washington state. The group has more than 110,000 followers on Facebook and Duncan Lou Who is one of the organization’s most recognizable animals.

A YouTube video showing Duncan’s first time trip to the beach has been viewed nearly seven million times and the Boxer even has his own website.

“We’ve had Duncan for four years and he’s just a really special dog,” Walters says. “He’s part of our family and we need him back.”

Walters and Giese spent all night looking for Duncan. They don’t believe he could have made it very far because of his legs but haven’t seen any of sign of him near the crash site.

“We’re either blind or he’s just not there,” Walters says. “He could be injured somewhere and in a lot of pain. It’s very rugged terrain and he could be in a bush but we just don’t have enough manpower to try and find him.”

Around 25 volunteers, multiple ATVs, a drone operator and a team on horseback arrived Saturday to help the family search for the Boxer.

The family is asking anyone who wants to help to meet them at the crash site. Regular updates are being posted on the Panda Paws Rescue Facebook page and people around the world are sharing the heartbreaking story in hopes that Duncan will be found.

“We will not stop searching for Duncan. We are not leaving until we find him,” Walters says.

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