Mother issues warning after blanket severely burns daughter


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Mickeal Lovell-Smoley says her 17-year-old daughter received severe burns from an electric blanket. | Photos courtesy Mickeal Lovell-Smoley

AMMON — A local mother is issuing a warning about electric blankets after her daughter was seriously burned in her sleep early Wednesday morning.

Mickeal Lovell-Smoley tells her 17-year-old, Kyla Lovell, fell asleep in her bed with a new electric blanket that had never been used.

“She woke up screaming at 3 a.m. from the shock and saw the blanket melted to her leg,” Lovell-Smoley says. “We went to the doctor, and she had second-degree and shock burns.”

Lovell-Smokey says Kyla has used electric blankets in the past and has never had any issues. But their family will no longer be sleeping with electric blankets or heating pads.

“I never thought electric blankets could be so dangerous. This could have ended so much worse. This blanket seemed safe and even has a safety feature that says it will turn itself off after a few hours,” Lovell-Smoley says.

Lovell-Smoley has reached out to Sunbeam, the blanket manufacturer, and it waiting to hear back from the company. has also requested a response and will update this story when we receive one.

Kyla had a hard time sleeping last night but is recovering, her mother says. Lovell-Smoley hopes sharing their story will prevent this from happening to anyone else.

“With winter coming everyone should be aware of this,” Lovell-Smoley says. “I am still in shock it happened and know my daughter has angels watching out for her. I’m feeling very grateful she is ok.”


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