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Ball Ventures announces bonuses for employees due to tax bill

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IDAHO FALLS – Another local business has announced its employees are receiving bonuses after the national tax reform bill was signed into law last week.

Ball Ventures, a commercial real estate investment and development company, is giving each employee $100 for every year of their employment.

CEO Courtney Liddiard said he came up with the idea after Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot challenged all Idaho employers to “spread the wealth” by giving bonuses to their employees.

“After talking with Frank, we decided to rise to the challenge and share the tax savings with all our employees,” Liddiard told “It was important to me as the CEO to make sure every worker, no matter when they were hired, receive some extra money this Christmas. I gave them their bonuses last Friday before we broke for the holiday so the money could help with any last minute shopping or other needs.”

Ball Ventures followed the same formula Melaleuca used in distributing bonus amounts based on years of service.

VanderSloot announced last week that Melaleuca employees and those at his more than 10 other companies will receive a one-time bonus due to the tax reform bill.

“Because of tax bill, Melaleuca is announcing bonuses for all employees,” VanderSloot tweeted. “Employees will receive $100 for each year of service. 5 yr = $500. 10 yr = $1000. 20 yr = $2000. Etc. Melaleuca challenges all Idaho companies to do the same! Our employees mean everything! They built it!”

VanderSloot was the first Idaho CEO to publicly announce bonuses after several national companies, including AT&T, Comcast, Wells Fargo and Boeing, said their workers will receive extra cash due to the tax bill. has contacted over 30 businesses in east Idaho to inquire if bonuses will be given to their employees. We will post updates when we hear back from these companies, and if your employer is giving a bonus because of the tax bill, let us know by emailing