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Boy Scouts honor Melaleuca CEO with ‘Distinguished Citizen Award’

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IDAHO FALLS — The Boy Scouts of America Grand Teton Council honored the CEO of Melaleuca with the Distinguished Citizen Award Tuesday evening. It’s the first time the Council has presented the award to anyone in eastern Idaho.

During the annual Melaleuca Christmas party, Grand Teton Council CEO Clarke Farrer presented Frank VanderSloot with the award.

“Part of the reason we did this is because we feel Frank VanderSloot exemplifies the 12 points of the scout law,” Farrer told “That law is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. In our experience with Frank, he exemplifies all of those virtues, values and principles that boy scouts live by.”

Farrer said VanderSloot’s numerous contributions to the community and scouting programs led to the council’s decision to give him the award. Melalueca has been the corporate sponsor of Scouting for Food for over two decades. The wellness company also hosts the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration every Independence Day and VanderSloot supports local 4H programs.

“Most of what he does is either anonymous or done very quietly so people, in general, don’t know about it,” Farrer said.

VanderSloot received a standing ovation when presented with the American flag/bald eagle bust and said he was thankful for the honor.

The Distinguished Citizen Award is presented annually from scouting councils across the country to people who have given exemplary service to their community.