Small Business Spotlight

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REXBURG — For customers, Danny Noall’s cookies are not only a delicious treat, but also an act of philanthropy.

Noall is one of the co-owners of Baked, a new cookie shop in Rexburg that opened in November. They bake and deliver fresh-baked cookies to their customers with one unique twist — $1 from every cookie purchased is donated to a charity that impacts a child’s life.

“If I got into this just to make money, I think it would become really mundane and monotonous for me,” Noall tells “We want to help out those less fortunate than we have been.”

Hence, the company’s tag line: “cookies with a higher purpose.”

Noall says they work with a different charity every season. Later this month, Noall will be making a donation to Camp Kesem, a nationwide organization that helps children of cancer patients.

Darren Gealta is the founder of Camp Kesem in the Teton Valley. He says the camp provides an escape for kids dealing with the grief of a parent’s illness. He says he is grateful to Noall and his business for their support.

“Our biggest issue is funding. That money is going to go towards helping us secure more spots (for kids who want to be involved in the program). We couldn’t be more grateful,” says Gealta.

Noall tells us his drive to help other kids stems from the love he has for his own children.

“The thought of what my kids would go through if something catastrophic happened in their life is enough for me to want to take a little bit of pain away from a child that is going through (something like that),” he said.

Noall and his staff held the grand-opening for the completed store last week, even though they have been providing delivery and in-store pickup to customers for a little more than a month now.

They sell chocolate chip and salted caramel cookies, along with ice cream sandwiches and milk. Noall tells us they will be adding some new items to the menu in the future.

“We’re not selling cookies per se, we’re selling an experience,” Noall says. “People can have hot cookies delivered right to their door without ever having to bake anything, or leave the house.”

Prior to the Rexburg store, Noall opened a Baked store in Logan, Utah. He says the idea for Baked came from watching similar businesses.

“We have a pretty good cookie recipe. If they can do it, there’s no reason we couldn’t do it either.”

Baked is located in Hemming Village at 160 W. 2nd S. They are open from noon to midnight Monday through Thursday, and noon until 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The number is (208) 572-5480.