Local couple and their tiny home to be featured on national TV


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Tiny Home in Swan Valley. | Photo courtesy, Rachel Werner

SWAN VALLEY — A local couple is being featured on a hit television series for their extravagant miniature dwelling.

Shane Fisher and Rachel Werner, along with their builder, Phil Henrie, will be on the show, “Tiny House Big Living.” The show appears on the DIY network and HGTV. The DIY network has scheduled to air the episode next month and has entitled it “Tiny Shoebox House.” Fisher said it is expected to highlight Werner’s decked out shoe space.

“A lot of the show was about the shoe closet and Rachel’s shoe fetish,” Fisher said.

The couple buys and sells homes for a living and said they’d been thinking of building their own home since they purchased the Valley Village RV park near Swan Valley.

Bathroom sink | Photo courtesy, Rachel Werner

Construction on the tiny home began last August and the final filming of the show happened last October. Fisher said the home was built in record time.

“It was a long 60 days,” Fisher said.

Fisher and Werner said the home has a lot of elements that make it a classy stay. They bought a lot of decorative items from a local antique mall.

“A lot of people, local people, would understand it when I use this description. It’s kind of got that ‘Jackson Hole,’ look to it,” Fisher said. “(It’s) rustic, kind of mountain, outdoorsy. Inside it’s that expensive wood laminate that people put on their floors.”

Living room and dining area. | Photo courtesy, Rachel Werner

Fisher said the wood texture has been put on their floors, walls and ceiling.

“We kind of refurbished a lot of the things inside the home,” Werner said. “It’s kind of a mix between rustic and chic and vintage.”

The shell of the home is similar to a fifth wheel style trailer. It’s considered to be three stories with two steps in between each story. The 300-square foot tiny home contains a dining and living room area, a bathroom with a full-size shower and a bedroom area. It also has a deck area on the outside.

A portion of the bedroom area. | Photo courtesy, Rachel Werner

The couple doesn’t actually reside in the home and it is available to rent through Airbnb, Fisher said.

“It will be available for the public to rent nightly and experience staying in a tiny home. We will also be building and selling tiny homes in the future,” Fisher said.

The episode “Tiny Shoebox House,” will air on HGTV Feb. 22 and 23.