Clorox VP encourages local professionals to stay true to their values


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Frank Tataseo, a former executive vice president for The Clorox Company, speaks to professionals in Idaho Falls on Tuesday morning. | Brad Barlow, B2X Photo

IDAHO FALLS — A former executive vice president of The Clorox Company told eastern Idaho professionals Tuesday that if they wish to succeed, they need to remain loyal to their principles and values.

Frank Tataseo spent 21 years at Clorox before retiring in 2015. He also held sales leadership positions for The Pillsbury Co. and Procter & Gamble.

Tataseo was invited to Idaho Falls by The Buckner Company. Around 140 business leaders and others gathered to hear him speak at The Waterfront at Snake River Landing.

“I think the most important element of leadership is to be principle and values based, being consistent with those values every day – day in and day out,” Tataseo said.

He encouraged employees and leaders not to blame others for their circumstances and to be proactive in solving problems and finding solutions.

“Believe that you’re in control of your destiny – both in your life and in your business,” he said. “It’s amazing to me the amount of issues we see almost daily where people make mistakes that really hurt their company and their business because they don’t stay true to their values.”