Young father of 7, whose wife collapsed and died, left speechless during Secret Santa surprise

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UPDATE: Click here to read the touching letter Dakota Nelson sent to Secret Santa following the surprise.

On Wednesday, July 11, tragedy struck the home of Dakota and Ream Nelson. The parents of seven, ranging in age from 1-16, were working (but mostly playing) in their Ashton garage when Dakota went outside to put some tools away. Five minutes later he returned to find 38-year-old Ream lying on the ground. She was blue and not breathing.

Dakota immediately began CPR and yelled to their 11-year-old to call 911. Ream was rushed unconscious to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls and doctors determined her brain had been without oxygen for more than 20 minutes.

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Dakota and Ream Nelson | Courtesy photo

Three months later, on Sunday, Sept. 30, Ream passed away.

Dakota is now left to pick up the pieces as he’s a single parent and working three part-time jobs, including one as a Latter-day Saints Seminary teacher at North Fremont High School. It’s been a challenging year but he says he’s counting his blessings.

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Dakota Nelson with his seven children. | Courtesy photo

Secret Santa asked the elves to take Dakota and his children an early Christmas gift. Watch the video above to see what happened!

A GoFundMe account was set up for the Nelson family before Ream died. You can find that here.

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