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Local business hits over 100,000 YouTube subscribers & shares secrets on how to grow your fan base

Local Business

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IDAHO FALLS — With the creativity of designing mermaid tales came instructional videos on how to use them. Now those simple Fin Fun videos have helped the company grow to over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

“It’s been a long road, it’s taken some time, but here we are,” Fin Fun’s video director Tanner Browning says.

When Browning took on the YouTube channel five years ago, it had 3,000 subscribers. Since then he’s grown Fin Fun’s following by tens of thousands.

“A lot of our video content is about products, first and foremost, but we’ve done a lot of things also to build a community,” Browning says.

To Browning’s knowledge, Fin Fun is the only local company to have that large of a YouTube audience. The company received an award from YouTube in the form of a silver play button after reaching the 100,000 subscriber milestone.

Tanner Browning, Video Director at Fin Fun. | Facebook

Browning shares some of his knowledge on how to grow a YouTube fan base:

1. Have a longterm goal for your channel.

“What’s the purpose of them to actually click the subscribe button. There has to be a reason behind it,” Browning says. “In our case, people wanted to learn how to use our products and learn more about them.”

2. Build a community.

“What can you do to allow your subscriber base to become a community? And, what’s something that’s going to allow them to say ‘I want to see more from here,'” Browning says.

3. Quality over Quantity: Focus more on quality in your video and less on the number of videos.

“Of all the other stats you’ll hear about…the biggest thing is that you’ve just got to make great videos. You have to make videos that are entertaining, inspiring, they have maybe some shock factor in them and something that’s out of the ordinary,” Browning says. “I’d rather do one great video a month than five so-so videos every week.”

4. Don’t worry about making viral videos. Instead, Find a niche.

“Find a niche — something that’s not being served on the current platform. This is probably more for a creator than a brand… but the ones that actually go out there and make it are ones that serve a particular audience, or a particular purpose,” Browning says.


To celebrate their 100,000 subscribers Fin Fun is giving away $300 in mermaid gear including a monofin, a mermaid tail, swimwear and more.

Click here to enter the giveaway before April 25.