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Nooo! What’s next for Idaho’s Logan Johnson ‘American Idol’? (Was it the lyric flub?)

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“American Idol” said goodbye to Logan Johnson on Monday night.

After singing “What a Time” with Julia Michaels, Idaho Statesman reports he was one of six contestants eliminated from the top 20 during “All Star Duets” week.

“Idol” continues April 14 with live performances from the remaining top 14 vocalists.

It’s been a wild ride for Johnson, 21, who grew up in Boise and graduated from Centennial High. Earlier in the “Idol” season, Johnson shared that he’d maintained his sobriety for nearly a year. “I just hope I can be a light for people struggling with drug addiction,” he told the judges.

It became clear quickly that the guitar-strumming singer had major talent.

It all came down to a nerve-wracking test with successful songwriter and rising pop star Michaels, who released “What a Time” as a duet with Niall Horan earlier this year.

Johnson held his own, and the judges noticed.

Richie praised him for listening to his duet partner. “You passed the test,” Richie said. “You had an intricate song. That was very hard to do.”

Katy Perry said she got lost in the moment. “I was just like ‘Oh yeah, it’s just, like, a star on the stage,’ so I think that’s a good sign.”

But there were signs might the end might be near for Johnson. His sweet, wistful delivery occasionally felt underpowered juxtaposed with Michaels’ voice, and Luke Bryan noticed.

“You have kind of that high-end tenor,” Bryan said. “Just push a little more for me, so we can really hang on to every note.”

Johnson also briefly flubbed the lyrics. During a solo line, instead of “I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark,” he mistakenly sang “I think of the night in the dark, it was getting park.” Catching himself, he faded the word “park” to “par—.”

None of the judges mentioned it. “Great job, bud,” Bryan said.

“I’m proud of you, bud,” host Ryan Seacrest added.

Everyone is — in Idaho and beyond. Johnson is receiving tons of positive comments on YouTube and social media. It will be fascinating to see if his “American Idol” adventure blossoms into a full-time career.

Either way, Johnson — who listed his vocation as “golf shop attendant” on the show — plans to keep singing, he says.

“End of the road on American Idol for me tonight,” Johnson tweeted. “Definitely not the end for me musically though. Gotta learn from it all and keep moving forward. Thanks for all the love.”

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