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Man sentenced after helping rob the person he says sexually abused him

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POCATELLO — A man who assisted in a robbery that led to a person being shot in the stomach was placed on a rider program Monday.

Christopher Wilson, 19, was sentenced to serve 3-5 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony acting as an accessory during a robbery. The judge retained jurisdiction, meaning he will review the case after Wilson finishes the rider. Wilson could then be released on probation or serve prison time. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dropped a felony burglary charge.

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Wilson told detectives he and 26-year-old Daniel J. Crispin entered the home on the 1200 block of North Main Street in Pocatello intending to steal money from the victim. Wilson told investigators they wanted to scare the victim and “put the fear of God into (him).” Wilson claimed the victim sexually abused him when he was 17 and feared another child might have been abused as well, according to court documents obtained by

As Crispin held a gun to the victim, Wilson gathered electronics from the home. The victim lunged at Crispin, who pulled the trigger, shooting the victim in the stomach.

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“Wilson said he did not shoot (the victim), and he believed his friend (Crispin) shooting (the victim) was a mistake and an accident,” according to court documents.

Daniel Crispin

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Running to Twin Falls

Wilson and Crispin dropped the stolen property in the front yard when they split up. At some point, Wilson got on top of a semi-truck trailer headed toward Nampa. The truck driver found the visibly cold Wilson on top of the trailer near Burley and allowed the man to ride in the cab of the truck. Wilson told the truck driver about troubles at home, got out at a truck stop and later stole a motorcycle.

Another person later told authorities in Nampa, who contacted by the Twin Falls Police Department, that he had helped Wilson on the interstate and paid for a room for him at a Motel 6 in Twin Falls.

Police showed up at the motel to speak with Wilson and found the stolen motorcycle in the hallway. They found his room and told Wilson he would be arrested for possession of the stolen motorcycle and on a warrant out of Bannock County for the shooting, according to court documents.

“I observed Wilson throw a sweatshirt on the floor and light it on fire,” one of the officers said, according to court documents. “Once the sweatshirt was on fire, he attempted to hold some kind of paper above it to accelerate the flame.”

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After a struggle, Wilson was arrested and taken to the Twin Falls Criminal Justice Facility.

Prosecutors in Twin Falls charged Wilson with first-degree attempted arson, possession of a stolen vehicle and misdemeanor resisting arrest. As part of the plea agreement, they dismissed the attempted arson charge.

On Jan. 29, Wilson was placed on rider program and 90 days in jail with an overhanging seven-year prison sentence for stealing the motorcycle. These charges are separate from the ones in Bannock County.

Police arrested Crispin for aggravated battery, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Prosecutors added a felony weapon enhancement to the charges. As part of a plea agreement signed on April 8, prosecutors dismissed all but the aggravated battery charge.

Crispin is scheduled for sentencing on May 28 at the Bannock County Courthouse.

Charges and investigation of the shooting victim

Police noted in their report that the house where the shooting occurred had a strong odor of marijuana. Upon searching the home, police say they found drugs and paraphernalia, according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged the shooting victim with felony possession of a controlled substance for the drugs.

In their report, investigators say they are looking into the allegations made by Wilson, including the possible rape of a boy.