Angie Dodge was killed 23 years ago today. Here's how her family wants you to remember her. - East Idaho News
Angie Dodge

Angie Dodge was killed 23 years ago today. Here’s how her family wants you to remember her.

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Angie Dodge was brutally murdered in her Idaho Falls I Street apartment 23 years ago today.

Several new developments have occurred over in the case over the past few weeks but today, is remembering Angie Dodge for how she lived and the beautiful woman she was.

With the permission of Carol Dodge, Angie’s mother, we share the following from Carol says one way to honor Angie is by donating to 5 for Hope, a fundraising campaign collecting money for cold case foundations and under-funded police departments. Funds will help educate staff, give them the foundation to test DNA results and ultimately solve cold cases.

angie dodge

Our precious child

Angie Raye Dodge was born December 21, 1977 in Vancouver, WA to her proud parents Jack R. Dodge and Carol R. Dodge. She was the youngest of four children and their only daughter. She will be forever cherished by her parents, brothers, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and an abundance of friends.

A gifted child

Angie was a gifted child with amazing intelligence and a great enthusiasm for life. She began her preschool education in San Diego, CA and continued on with grade school, Jr. High school, and High School in Idaho Falls, ID. Throughout her high school years, she tutored many young children in Math and English. She graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 1995 with honors and continued her education at ISU for a short period of time.


A child of the outdoors with great enthusiasm for life

With Angie’s great enthusiasm for life, she loved nature and all its beauty. Camping was the favorite adventure for the family with many cherished memories. Sometimes camping spots were very primitive but Angie always managed to find water and start a water fight with family cousins and friends.

Cherished holidays

Angie loved the Christmas holidays, as her birthday was just a few days before Christmas and her birthday was celebrated with a combined family Christmas party. She loved the big family Christmas parties and always was prepared to hand out her special Christmas necklaces that she had made with ribbon and bells and made sure that everyone had a necklace and she had extra supplies to make more for any additional guests. The family Christmas parties always included a program celebrating the birth of the Savior and Angie loved playing the part of “Mary”.

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Cousin memories

Cousin Alisa recalls how she loved to go to Angie’s house to play when she was younger. Alisa remembers how she and Angie would make a playhouse under the staircase and the two of them would play for hours with their cabbage patch dolls. Alisa recalls that each doll had a special name and a little pacifier and those dolls became real to them. It was important to take good care of the little ones by feeding, bathing, changing diapers, and nap times.

Friends and fun times

Friends cherish and remember great memories of cruising in the car they named the “Boat”. Angie always managed to fit several friends inside the boat and they were amazed of how many miles they could go on a few gallons of gas before running out. Many times the “Boat” would be covered with mud and food wrappers that were inches deep and times the “Boat” looked like it had been in a demolition derby. Friends recall Angie driving at times with one hand on the wheel and with one foot hanging out the window. She was lucky to only one driving violation in her time. Just a few months before her death, she traded the old faithful “Oldsmobile Boat” and bought a brand new Chevy.

Mom’s precious last moments with Angie

I will forever cherish my last precious moments spent with Angie on June 12, 1996 and telling her how much I loved her. Angie had stopped by the family home around 9:15 p.m. and expressed her excitement about living in her new apartment and also expressed the hardship of growing up and being on her own.

While chatting with Angie, I recall reaching out to give her a hug and she leaned her head on my shoulder as we rocked back and forth as if we were dancing. I whispered to her that she would always be my baby and told her how much I loved her. She replied, “… I still ‘wittle’ huh, Mommy!” She always said ‘wittle’ instead of the little for it was her way of saying that she would always be my baby. Angie left around 10:20 p.m. to return to her apartment and I remember her pulling away as though she was in slow motion. She threw me a kiss and whispered “I love you” as I did her. Neither of us knew it would be our last moments in time.

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Angie lives on in our hearts

Angie will forever live in our hearts and memories of her will be forever cherished.

Angie is survived by her mother Carol Dodge, three brothers: Brent, Todd, and Roger, 14 precious nieces and nephews, Grandma Mae Nelson, many aunts, uncles, cousins and an abundance of many friends.

Angie’s father passed away in 2004.

The Dodge family wishes to express their gratitude to all family members, friends, and the community for their loving support and prayers. Thank you! May the blessings of the Lord be with each of you.