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‘Bite Me’: No, that’s the name of the movie showing at The DEC

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IDAHO FALLS — Vampires, love, being audited, and a message about equality all factor into the indie rom-com “Bite Me,” which is showing in Idaho Falls Friday evening.

The film is being screened at The DEC (Downtown Event Center) on Park Avenue at 6 p.m. and guests are invited to come dressed as a vampire.

“It’s about a vampire that falls in love with an IRS agent. It kind of goes along the lines of ‘who’s weirder?'” The DEC Director Chase Martin says. “I don’t want to go into too much detail so that people will come out and watch the screening with us.”

Cast members are traveling the country presenting “Bite Me” to local audiences in person. Audience members have the chance to attend local red carpet events and meet some actors in the movie who’ve also been in other popular films and TV shows, Martin says.

Naomi McDougall Jones, writer, and star of “Bite Me,” will be at the event along with co-stars Christian Coulson who played 16-year old Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Annie Golden from “Orange is the New Black” and Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story.

Martin says Jones is a gender equality activist in Hollywood who’s helping women fill gaps “that females aren’t necessarily filling in the film industry.”

“What’s she’s trying to do is encourage female filmmakers to produce films, because there’s a gap between male filmmakers and female filmmakers, and she’s trying to incentivize and encourage females,” Martin says.

Although the movie is technically unrated Jones says it the equivalent of a PG-13 rating. The Facebook event page says it has had viewers in the audience as young as 9-years-old with no complaints.

“It’s absolutely family friendly,” Martin says.

After the screening and a Q&A, there is a vampire ball, people should come dressed up as vampires or werewolves Martin says. Drinks and refreshments are available for purchase.

Purchase tickets at the film’s website.