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Man placed on probation for DUI that could have resulted in electrocution

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Kolby Kozloff | Butte County Jail

ARCO — A local man drove while drunk and struck a power pole, severely damaging it and nearly electrocuted himself and everyone inside his vehicle.

On Thursday, Magistrate Judge Ralph Savage sentenced Kolby Kozloff, 19. He will receive two years of supervised probation and a one-year driver’s license suspension. He also has a potential 180 days of jail if he fails the terms of his probation.

The sentence came following a plea agreement. Kozloff agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence and misdemeanor failing to notify of a crash. In return, the prosecution dropped the two felony charges that he received following the crash in November — aggravated driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury.

Police reports show in November, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office discovered Kozloff’s SUV had slammed into a power pole on the Number Hill outside of Arco. The severely damaged SUV was the only thing holding up the pole. Deputies found several containers of Budweiser beer in the vehicle and a strong odor of alcohol.

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After his arrest, Kozloff told a deputy he, his friend and a woman were driving up the hill, but he wasn’t drunk like everyone else. He said he swerved when he saw an animal in the road, and he slammed into the pole. He and the other man were wearing a seat belt, but not the woman, according to court documents.

Kozloff and his passengers abandoned the SUV. The man with Kozloff later dropped off the woman at her Arco home. The woman’s friends struggled to wake her and saw a large amount of a black substance come from her mouth. They were concerned the woman had been raped, and they called 911 the next morning.

Emergency Medical Services rushed the woman to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls. In addition to foaming at the mouth and being barely conscious, she had a cracked sternum, bruised lungs, and extensive bruising. There is no evidence any rape occurred.

Bonneville Power told deputies had the damaged power pole fell, all of Arco, Mackay, Challis, Stanley and Salmon would have lost power, and everyone in the vehicle would have died of electrocution.

According to court documents, Kozloff tested presumptively positive for drinking alcohol in a urinalysis test, and he also admitted to consuming alcohol the night of the crash.

Savage also ordered Kozloff to pay $1,060 in fees and fines.