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Sponsored Business Announcement: FAQs about Lincoln Court Retirement Community during pandemic

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The following is a sponsored business announcement from Lincoln Court Retirement Community.

Lincoln Court Retirement has been caring for seniors in Idaho Falls for over 40 years. Our top priority has always been to promote the well-being of our residents, their families, our staff members, and the broader community. We are monitoring news about COVID-19 (the coronavirus) daily and understand the concern the spread of the virus has caused. We want to assure you that we are committed to being responsive to the needs of everyone as the situation evolves.

We are choosing to be a part of the solution and are one of the safest places a senior can be right now! That is why we are keeping our doors open to new residents and doing everything we can to help anyone in need of independent living, assisted living or memory care.

Frequently asked questions during the COVID-19 outbreak

Is the dining room still open?

Yes, However the dining room is closed to the public. Per the state’s guidelines to limit “group gatherings,” we are delivering meals and snacks to our residents’ apartments three times per day until further notice.

What are you doing for activities?

We have chosen to close our activities room, scenic drives, public outings and church services until further notice. Our life enrichment director and her team are coming up with fun activities, crafts and projects that can be brought to resident apartments to pass the time. We encourage you to call, email or Facetime your loved one as often as possible. If you do not have access to these devices, please contact our staff, and we will help them stay in touch with you.

Is Lincoln Court on lockdown?

Yes, along with most other assisted living, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals in our area.

What does ‘lockdown’ mean?

This means we literally keep the front doors of the community locked 24/7. If you are a medical provider or family that meets the hospice criteria, you will be asked to wash your hands and have your temperature checked before admittance and when you leave the community.


Can my loved one leave their apartment?

Yes, they can leave their apartment periodically throughout the day to stretch their legs or converse with neighbors in the community. These gatherings should be limited to very small groups (two to three individuals) and is monitored closely by our staff.

Can I check my loved one out of the building?

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to prioritize the reason. They will be put on a 14-day quarantine upon readmission to the building. This means they will not be able to walk freely around the community and be required to stay in their apartment for at least seven days after they are checked back in.

Can I continue to do my loved one’s laundry?

Yes, please call ahead, and a member of our staff will bring their dirty laundry to the front door for you. Simply bring it back once it’s washed, and we will gladly return it to their apartment at no charge.

What is being done to clean the building?

Each day we follow the CDC’s guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation. That means that common areas, doorknobs, handrails and any area of a resident’s apartment that could spread the virus are cleaned to prevent the spread of infection.

Who is responsible for toiletries and additional groceries?

We are asking families to continue to supply toilet paper, soap, shampoo, conditioner and any other additional grocery items. If possible, we encourage you to bring a 60- to 90-day supply of these items. If the resident would normally get these supplies on our personal errand days, our activities department can shop for them and deliver it to their apartment. (The resident would still have to pay for the supplies but not the delivery service.)

What measures are taken to monitor your staff?

All staff members are required to come through the front door, have their temperature checked and wash their hands before admittance. This process is repeated when they clock out to leave the building when their shift is completed.

Are the staff allowed to leave the building?

Yes, at this time our staff can leave the community when they complete their scheduled shifts. They are continually educated on the CDC’s guidelines of at home self-isolation/social distancing and are strongly encouraged to head these guidelines until the threat of contamination decreases. Should the United States government or the CDC change these guidelines, we will let you know immediately and adjust when our staff can leave.

What happens if my loved one contracts the COVID-19 virus?

They will be required to stay in their apartment and be on isolation until they no longer show symptoms of the virus for at least 14 days. This means our staff will practice standard contact precautions and be required to wear a gown and mask to provide care.

What happens if a staff member contracts the COVID-19 virus?

They will be immediately sent home and not be able to return to Lincoln Court until they are symptom-free for 14 days. These same measures will be followed if someone in their household contracts the virus.

Are you still accepting admissions?

Yes, we are choosing to be a part of the solution. As we continue to follow strict guidelines to prevent the spread of infection, we will allow families to move their loved ones into our community. New residents will be required to stay in their new apartment on quarantine for the first seven days before being able to leave their apartment.

How will you conduct a community tour while on lockdown?

This will be done over the phone, through email and by using Facetime or Skype. We will not allow families to walk the halls or view apartments physically until the threat of infections decreases.