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T-shirt campaign supports local businesses

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IDAHO FALLS – A local business owner who has stayed afloat during COVID-19 is asking for your help to support other businesses that are struggling.

FUEL’d Apparel & Design in Idaho Falls is running a T-shirt campaign for businesses in eastern Idaho.

“People purchase a T-shirt for $20, and they choose a business to which they’d like to donate $10 of the $20,” owner Tiffanie Franco tells EastIdahoNews.com.

The shirts’ message is “Live Local #LocalSupportingLocal”. They’re available in blue or black for men and teal or black for women. More colors are available on request.

FUEL’d is throwing in a free hat for anyone who buys a T-shirt.

FUELd hat
Courtesy Tiffanie Franco

Since the campaign began April 19, several other businesses have gotten involved to offer deals of their own.

The Drink Factory in Idaho Falls, for example, is offering 15% off orders this month for anyone who buys a T-shirt, and Garcia’s Street Taco is offering 20% off a purchase. Other businesses offering deals include All Shine Carpet Cleaning Services, Precision Electrical Services in Ammon, Artistry Inc., Rustic Beauty Lounge, Selective Cleaning & Restoration Inc. and The Plant Shop in Blackfoot.

To take advantage of the deal, simply wear your shirt to the business, take it with you or show a picture of it.

“The purchaser of the shirt is getting some perks because these businesses are offering these deals if they wear it,” says Franco.

Supporting local businesses

Franco says she was motivated to help local businesses because she knew many that were struggling, especially salons and tattoo parlors.

“Hairstylists and tattoo artists are the ones who can’t make money right now,” she says.

She says the T-shirt campaign allows people to choose which business they would like to support.

“I thought a lot of tattoo shop and salon customers would buy these to help support them. We’ve had one donation for a salon,” Franco says.

Many of the businesses being supported through the campaign are not strangers to her.

“We do work for a lot of small businesses. A lot of them are our customers, and so we care about them,” Franco says. “My goal is to help the people who do not have any way to make money right now.”

Ten dollars isn’t a lot, Franco says, but it’s enough to buy lunch, and every little bit helps.

“We’ve had a couple people buy shirts who didn’t know who to donate their money to, so we grabbed some cash, picked a random business and went and dropped it off,” Franco says.

That business was IF Signs.

“I was familiar with the campaign they were doing. They came by and said someone had two $10 spots with our name on it,” IF Signs Office Manager Megan Moser says.

Moser says April was one of their best months for business ever, but she is still appreciative of the donation.

“Just to buy doughnuts or lunch for us that day was definitely a morale improvement, and it was a fun day,” Moser says.

Moser said she would like to get the community’s support for The Cocoa Bean in Rexburg and The Sandwich Tree in Idaho Falls.

One of the best parts of this campaign, Franco says, is to watch other businesses support each other.

She says one business owner made a donation to a salon, and the salon donated those funds to another struggling business.

Nearly $200 have been donated to local businesses so far. Franco says she’s grateful for those who have responded and is hoping others will feel inclined to buy a shirt as well.

“We get up and go to work every day, too. It’s not always easy,” Franco’s husband, Josh Scott, says. “The big picture is important to us, not just a $10 lunch, but the big picture — keeping guys going. Any door being closed doesn’t help anybody. We’re in it for everybody else who’s local.”

Learn more about the T-shirt campaign by visiting the website. If you’re a business owner and would like to join Franco in offering deals to those who buy a t-shirt, call her directly at (208) 522-7825.