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Downed power line causes large brushfire in Jefferson County

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RIGBY — A downed power line resulted in a significant brush fire in Jefferson County early Thursday morning.

Central Fire District was dispatched to 4500 East and 300 North at about 1 a.m. When firefighters arrived they saw the downed power line and a large brush fire creating a wall of flame on the north side of the road, according to a district news release.

The fire was burning in very dense trees and undergrowth with flames reaching treetops up 60 feet high.

Rigby Fire2
Courtesy Central Fire District

Several homes in the area were self-evacuated as the fire was being contained.

For safety, firefighters had to wait for the Fall River Power Company to make sure power was shut off before they could combat the blaze, according to the release.

The fire ran west to east approximately an eighth of a mile and north from the road about 20 feet into the heavy brush.

After confirming the power was shut down, firefighters were able to aggressively fight the fire and put it out. The cause of the fire was the downed power line, which had been knocked down by high gusty winds and broken tree branches.

There were no homes or property lost and no injuries to residents or firefighters.

Central Fire units stayed on the scene until 5 a.m. putting out small spot fires and mopping up.