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Property manager on probation for forgery accused of embezzling thousands from client

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IDAHO FALLS — A woman on probation for forgery is accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from a property owner.

Jennifer Magrini, 46, was charged with felony grand theft and felony forgery after the property owner called Idaho Falls Police saying Margini possibly stole rent money. Charging documents show Magrini owned and operated MDK Properties, which managed two of the victim’s apartment complexes.

The victim told investigators she had an agreement where Magrini would collect rent and maintain the two apartment complexes. Magrini was supposed to withhold her fee and any money paid for maintenance before giving the rest to the property owner.

However, for August and September 2020, Magrini allegedly kept $7,132 in rent money for eight apartments. The victim also said Magrini defrauded her $2,685 in maintenance costs for repairs that were not actually made. The property owner provided several documents and photos to police to back up her claims.

The victim also gave police copies of rental agreements collected by Magrini. According to court documents, the versions of the rental agreements signed by tenants differed from the ones on file with Magrini. The ones with Magrini were altered to include monetary deposits for things such as having pets or for cleaning. Police say the signatures on these rental agreements appeared to be forged.

Police confirmed at least two rental agreements had signatures not signed by the actual tenants.

Investigators tried to have Magrini show proof of work orders or other items that would have made the taking of the funds legitimate. Margini responded by sending an email of the property owner firing her and MDK Properties.

Prosecutors charged Magrini in March, and a summons was issued for her to show up to court. After not showing up for multiple initial appearances, a warrant was issued for her arrest. Magrini was booked into the Bonneville County Jail on Tuesday and finally appeared in court.

Magrini’s criminal history includes a conviction for a 2016 fraud case. According to the Idaho Department of Correction, Magrini is on probation until February 2022 for felony misappropriation of personal identifying information, criminal possession of a financial transaction card and felony forgery.

Probation officers filed an allegation of a probation violation saying Magrini had not been making payments on fines or restitution and had been difficult to get ahold of. Additionally, they noted the new pending charges and a positive drug test.

Although Magrini is accused of a crime, it does not necessarily mean she committed it. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A preliminary hearing for Magrini is scheduled for Aug. 31 at the Bonneville County Courthouse.

CORRECTION: initially reported Magrini being 36-years-old, however that was incorrect. The correct age of 46-years-old has been updated in this story.