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Biz Buzz: Rexburg couple opens restaurant near golf course

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New restaurant near Rexburg golf course serves hot menu for customers

9 iron grill restaurant
The 9 Iron Grill opened in June at 722 North 12th West next to the Teton Lakes Golf Course. | Whitney Gee

REXBURG – Clint and Whitney Gee have entertained guests in their Rexburg home for many years. One of their favorite weekend activities includes cooking and enjoying a good meal with friends and family.

Though he’s a construction worker by profession, Whitney tells her husband has wanted to open a restaurant for a long time.

“My husband is a very good cook,” Whitney says. “We have people at our house every weekend who are like, ‘What are you going to fix us? We love your food!'”

The opportunity to open a restaurant never seemed to present itself, until now.

The Gees opened 9 Iron Grill in June next to the Teton Lakes Golf Course inside the old Redd’s Grill at 722 North 12th West. Although it serves a lot of golfers during the summer, Whitney says it’s open to anyone seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of wraps, salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, steak and more.

The restaurant’s “At the Turn” menu provides quick meals for golf players, and Whitney says the daily specials, like the finger steaks, fries and shrimp are becoming quite popular. The signature item, the 9 Iron Burger, which includes a hamburger patty with bacon, is one of the most popular dishes overall.

They’re planning to add an expanded dinner menu soon.

“Our customers really like our steak night, (which includes) prime rib, shrimp, salad. They’re really responding well to the dinner menu,” says Whitney.

The Gees love the idea of giving back to the community by buying their meat and other supplies from local businesses. They also pride themselves on being one of the few places in town that serve breakfast.

Despite a renovation project (a wrap-around deck) that is still underway on the outside of the building, Whitney says they’ve had a pretty good turnout. With golf season winding down, Whitney says the crowds have started to die down a bit.

“Though the golf course is open in the wintertime for cross-country skiers, a lot of people think (the restaurant) is shut down, and there’s nothing going on in there. But we’re (open year-round),” Whitney explains.

Whitney says the building’s abundance of windows and view of the golf course make it an ideal spot for a restaurant, and they’re pleased with the response so far.

“We’re one of the few restaurants that have a beer and wine license. The city of Rexburg doesn’t have very many of those. That’s another reason why we’ve gotten such a good response from people,” says Whitney.

The Gees are hoping to attract a larger night crowd with events like Monday night football. They hope it becomes a place where customers want to hang out and they’re looking forward to watching it grow.

The 9 Iron Grill is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday with a 10 p.m. closing time Friday and Saturday. Visit the Facebook page for more information.


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